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Global Inventory over 3D printed buidlings shows Cobod's leading position

New research shows that by end of 2022, there were 129 3D printed buildings globally found on 105 building sites.
Geographically, around 30% of 3D printed buildings are located in North America, however all regions are well represented.
COBOD’s 3D construction printers have printed almost 40% of projects globally, equivalent to 51 buildings. These printers have also been present at 40% of the construction sites where 3D printed buildings have been constructed.

In 2022, 54 new buildings were added to the list, showing the exponential growth of the industry.
COBOD printers made 30 of these 2022-buildings, almost equivalent to 60% of new buildings made globally.

Of all the applications for 3D printing, 3D construction industry is perhaps the most hyped. For the first time, certain data may now shed light on the activity.

According to a recent study by COBOD International A/S, there are already 129 3D printed buildings spread over 105 distinct construction sites globally. While these numbers might appear surprisingly low given the attention the industry has been getting, it is of little surprise that COBOD’s 3D construction printers are behind 40% of all activities.

Focusing on 2022, when 54 new 3D-printed structures were constructed, makes the dominance of COBOD in the sector even more obvious.

As the pie chart shows, in 2022 COBOD’s printers did almost 60% of all new 3D printed buildings.

The full report and details can be found on COBOD’s website here. The market intel page is dynamic and will evolve with greater regional details.

Commenting on the dominating position of COBOD, Henrik Lund-Nielsen, COBOD Founder & General Manager, said: “It is clear, that when we sell more 3D construction printers than all the rest of the other suppliers combined, then this will be reflected in which 3D printers have made most buildings. The truth cannot be hidden”.

In the most recent years, COBOD has expanded quickly, sold more than 65 printers globally, attracted industrial giants like GE Renewable Energy, Holcim, CEMEX and PERI as key strategic shareholders, and announced joint ventures with large regional organizations like Orascom in Egypt and Bakrie Group in Indonesia. To support the expanding worldwide customer base, new regional competence centers have been established in Miami and Kuala Lumpur. COBOD even published an annual report, which is available here, as if they were a publicly listed.

Commenting on the new market intel report, Philip Knudsen, COBOD CMO and Head of Marketing & Communications said “As a market leader, we take it upon ourselves to assure that as much data and transparency are created for the customers as possible, as the industry has been plagued by lots of dreamers and fanciful projects, that were never realized. We have tried our best to compile the complete and objective market overview, and encourage everybody to contact us, should we have missed a project or two such that we may update the database and assure we always provide the most complete information”.



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