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Portugal's first 3D printed house demonstrates the speed and cost-effectiveness of 3D printing in construction

Havelar, in Porto, has completed the first 3D printed house in Portugal, using COBOD's construction 3D printing technology, 3D printing a modern 80 m2 2-bedroom house in just 18 hours.

The fast execution of the 3D printed walls allows Havelar to offer new houses completely done in less than 2 months, more than twice as fast as what is common in the market.

Due to the use of 3D printing in construction, Havelar is able to offer new mid-level contemporary design homes for only 1,500 euros per m2, well below current market prices.

Havelar's ambitions also include achieving carbon neutrality through the use of new materials.

Havelar, a start-up company based in Porto, Portugal, founded by experienced individuals from building material suppliers, architects and financial organisations, has just completed the execution of Portugal's first 3D printed house. Located in the Porto metropolitan area, the two-bedroom, 80 m2 house was printed in just 18 hours. The print execution time serves as a powerful testament to the efficiency and speed that 3D printing technology brings to the construction industry.

Patrick Eichiner, CEO and co-founder of Havelar, said: "More than a printing or construction company, we promote Construction 2.0, which allows us to deliver complete new houses in less than 2 months, well below current market prices. We can offer mid-level modern design houses for only €1,500 per m2".

The undulating façade of Portugal's first 3D printed house demonstrates the unrivalled design flexibility offered by 3D printing technology for construction.

The price offered by Havelar contrasts sharply with the Porto average of €3,104/m2, according to the latest report from the Portuguese National Institute of Statistics. This profitability is mainly attributed to the optimised efficiency and rapid project execution enabled by the innovative 3D printing construction technology.

Rodrigo Vilas-Boas, co-founder of Havelar, highlighted the transformative nature of their entrepreneurial approach: "We want to partner with collaborators who see themselves building sustainable and accessible communities. With €150,000, it is possible for a young couple to have the house they have always dreamed of, in an area with good access and services".

Havelar's ambitions go far beyond simply delivering contemporary design homes quickly and at very competitive prices. With 3D printing in construction, construction waste is already significantly reduced, but by 2030, Havelar even hopes to achieve carbon neutrality in its operation by using alternative building materials such as soil, sludge, slag, straw and other biomaterials.

Henrik Lund-Nielsen, founder and CEO of COBOD, commented on Havelar's high aspirations: "When you set very ambitious goals, there is always a risk that they will not be met.

risk that they won't be met, but if you don't aim high, you won't get anywhere. We are happy to support Havelar in their ambitious efforts, our printers are open source in terms of materials and can print with many different types".



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