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AddUp announces the launch of FormUp 200 machine

AddUp expands its range of Laser Beam Melting (LBM) machines with the new FormUp® 200, designed to meet the expectations of industrial companies looking for a machine with a good price/performance ratio.

AddUp announces the expansion of its FormUp® range, with the arrival of the FormUp® 200. This new machine has a production volume adapted to small and medium sized parts, while maintaining the same precision, productivity and safety characteristics for operators and the environment as the FormUp® 350.
The FormUp® 200 machine uses platforms with a diameter of 225 mm, and has a vertical stroke of 280 mm, providing a total production volume of about 11 liters. It has a 300 W laser, protected by a gas flow that prevents optics from clogging.
FormUp® 200 stands out from most machines on the market because of its modularity. It is available with three different spreading devices: roller, scraper or brushes. A feature inherited from the FormUp® 350 that allows it to adapt to all metal powder sizes, from the finest to the largest.
Adapted to the needs of industry as well as research
The new FormUp® 200 meets the needs of industrial companies looking for productivity with its ultra-fast two-way layering system that reduces unproductive time. It also features an automatic fumes filtration and passivation system, whose filters have a lifetime of around one year (compared to a few dozen hours for conventional filtration devices). Finally, its powder-supply system allows reloading without interruption of production. This system has undergone ergonomic studies to be handled effortlessly by the operators.
Beyond industrial users, FormUp® 200 will also appeal to laboratories and research centers by the “open” nature of its design. Being compatible with all types of powders, the machine does not constrain users in the selection of their suppliers of raw material, and is therefore particularly suitable for the development of new materials. In addition, it provides full access to all parameters, from machine settings to manufacturing recipes settings.
These “open” features, coupled with the roller spreading device, which offers an incomparable consistency and uniformity of the powder bed, allow users to consider all types of projects related to process optimization or improvement of the quality of the parts (metallurgical properties and surface conditions).
A stand-alone powder module for continuous sieving of the powder
High-performance and precise in its standard version, the new FormUp® 200 also offers various options. Among these options, the possibility of installing a “stand-alone powder module” as a replacement for the atmospheric powder module. This standalone powder module enables continuous regeneration of the powder by means of an automatic sieving system, thus offering the possibility of launching mass production without risk of supply interruption. This system, which operates in an inert atmosphere, limits powder weathering, while providing safer operation by reducing operator exposure to metal powders.
By default, the machine offers a heating platform up to 100 °C, but can be equipped with a high temperature version of the platform, capable of reaching 200 °C, to reduce thermal stress in the parts. Finally, the FormUp® 200 can be delivered with a process visualization module, which monitors the quality of the fusion in real time thanks to different cameras (visible spectrum and infrared) that collect data and display it on the machine interface or remotely.

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