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Massivit 3D Marks its Expansion into the Composite Materials Arena at CAMX 2021

Introducing its New Additive Manufacturing Tooling System Designed to Eliminate the Bottlenecks of Mold Production
The event will provide an opportunity for limited-time pre-orders on the soon-to-be-launched Massivit 10000

Massivit 3D Printing Technologies Ltd., the leading provider of large-scale 3D printing systems, has announced the introduction of its Massivit 10000 composites tooling system to the composite materials arena at CAMX 2021 in Dallas, Texas that will take place October 19th-21st. Visitors will be able to discover this new thermoset additive manufacturing system and its range of molding applications.

The Massivit 10000 additive manufacturing system was conceived to overcome the recognized bottleneck associated with composites tooling by automating the process. It leverages thermoset polymer casting materials that provide a high HDT (Heat Deflection Temperature) and low CTE (Coefficient of Thermal Expansion).

Based on the company’s newly developed Cast-In-Motion (CIM) technology, it combines ultra-fast additive manufacturing with direct casting of proprietary, industrial-grade, dual-component, Epoxy-based material.

The new technology eradicates the need to produce an initial master (or plug). This consolidates existing nineteen-step molding workflows into just four steps. In addition, the Cast-In-Motion technology also offers exceptional geometry freedom for complex designs.

Massivit 3D has already penetrated the global additive manufacturing arena with a portfolio of large-scale 3D printing systems installed by its customers across 40 countries. The company plans to expand into multiple FRP arenas with its new, disruptive technology – including the marine, automotive, railway, consumer goods, sporting goods, aerospace, and other industries. With a build volume of up to 1.2 x 1.5 x 1.65 meters (3.9 x 4.9 x 5.4 feet), the Massivit 10000 is suitable for a wide range of applications for those industries that are looking to dramatically shorten lead times compared to traditional production.

The new Massivit 10000, soon to be launched, will be available at the show for pre-order via a rapidly growing waiting list.

“We are thrilled to unveil our advanced Cast-In-Motion technology to the composites manufacturing arena at CAMX 2021” said Erez Zimerman, CEO at Massivit 3D. “This market is hungry for innovation that will shift the paradigm for molding so that manufacturers can finally expedite their lead times from several weeks down to just a few days. By automating the mold production process, we’re able to offer manufacturers a way to dramatically cut their costs and reduce the associated material waste. The snowballing demand for this new digital molding solution is testament to the dire need for this technological milestone and we are excited to offer it to the CAMX community in the lead up to the Massivit 10000 launch.”




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