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Formnext returns and WASP presents four patents and ten innovations

WASP amazes at the main European fair dedicated to all additive manufacturing processes

WASP's approach to 3D printing has always been multidisciplinary. Materials, print size, precision, speed and safety are at the heart of WASP technology. In Frankfurt WASP leads the way for the future of large-scale printing of a wide range of materials, from technopolymers to raw earth.

This year the Formnext after a year off, is in attendance and hosts two WASP stands created to amaze visitors and professionals once again.
Stand G102 in Hall 12.1 is dedicated to FDM technology and the new INDUSTRIAL line. Here WASP exhibits two jewels of large dimensions 3MT HDP (HD pellet) and 4070 HDP (HD pellet). These 3D printers have been designed for 3D print with pellets and recycled plastic polymers in granules, in a fast, precise and cost-effective way.
The technological innovations are linked precisely to the HDP extruder that directly prints the granules reducing costs and times and to the feeding of the material which is a pneumatic continuous system, transported in an intelligent way and controlled by a capacitive sensor. In addition, the patent pending Firecap system generates a localized hot chamber up to 250 ° directly on the printing area without overheating the mechanics, allowing optimal printingand layer adhesion.The VAC (Vacuum Active Control) system, a vacuum printing plate, which allows the plate to be replaced in a few seconds, ensures the total absence of micro-movements during printing even at high temperatures. Three more jewels of additive technology can be found in this stand, the 4070TX (PEEK) designed to print technopolymers such as PEEK in large sizes, which, in addition to the Firecap, mounts another patent for Inline drying of the filament; the 4070 FX (Flex Extruder) which prints soft materials up to 50 shore A and the 4070 ZX (Zen Extruder) which prints industrial materials such as PA Carbon.
Stand B59 in Hall 12.0 is dedicated to LDM technology and the new CLAY line. It will be possible to see and touch the result of a collaboration with HONDA R&D Europe. For the first time in the world a new 3D printer WASP 40100 INDUSTRIAL CLAY called "the collaborative 3D printer", extrudes industrial clay and prints prototypes for the automotive industry, which can be finished by hand and reprinted countless times if necessary. A paradigm shift in the modelling prototyping process applicable to many other industrial fields. The new WASP 40100 CLAY CONTINUOUS FEEDING machine is another patentdesignedby WASP to print clay in large format thanks to a continuous material feeding system equipped with a 10l. tank. An attraction for Universities and Research Centers is certainly the CRANE WASP, a building printer that built the first internationally renowned housing modules in raw earth and natural materials, called GAIA, TECLA and the recent Dior concept stores in Dubai.
Lovers of robotic arms will be able to see the two WASP solutions, ROBOTIC ARMS 3D PRINTING for fluid-dense materials, such as concrete and plastic granules.




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