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Alleima: Collaboration in an early stage secure long-lasting and high-quality products

Alleima, formerly Sandvik Materials Technology, a world-leading manufacturer of advanced stainless steels and special alloys, continues to strengthen its position on the medical wire market, both in the US and Europe.

With close collaboration in the early stage of product development we can secure high-quality materials and shorten the time to market for our customers. With the acquisition of the Swiss based company Accuratech Group, in 2021, we have taken an important step to be closer to our European customers allowing us to increase our offering of value-added wire-based components,” says Jerry Blanton, Sales and Marketing Manager, and speaker at the IVAM arranged event “Europe meets USA” at Compamed 2022.

Ultra-fine wire-based components in pacemakers, deep brain stimulation for people with Parkinson’s disease or epilepsy, in hearing aids and in continuous​glucose monitors for people with diabetes. These are some areas in the medical field, where Alleima has contributed with its knowledge and products for many years. Its wire-based components are used for stimulation, sensing and transmitting signals in or outside the human body. These components must be biocompatible, and depending on the application, must offer features such as lubricity, conductivity, or fatigue resistance. These products are trademarked Exer​a®.
Exera wire-based components are used in medical applications where high quality is critical, for example in pacemakers where the wires have to last hundreds of thousands of heartbeats. Or in continuous glucose monitors where the importance of accurate measurements is required to support a stable blood sugar level day in and day out. The company also offers extensive plating capabilities of wire or parts used in medical devices.

To continue to strengthen their position in the medical field, Alleima acquired Accuratech Group in 2021, a niched medical wire forming and component manufacturer with two entities in Switzerland (Galvarex and Polyfil) and one in Italy (Polyflex). By the acquisition, Alleima is not just targeting the US market but also the European market with added wire-forming capabilities, semi-finished wire component manufacturing, ultra-fine tubes and electroplating services.

“The medical sector is one of the defined areas for growth, and through this acquisition we strengthened our position on this market, by adding wire forming and component manufacturing capabilities. The geographical footprint of Accuratech also increased our ability to support our customers in EMEA.”, says Jerry Blanton.

On Tuesday, the 15th of November at 11:15, Alleima will participate in the IVAM arranged event “Europe meets USA” at Compamed 2022. Focus is on stimulating the collaboration between component manufacturers, device makers and users from Europe and the U.S., as well as initiating joint R&D projects and sharing experiences on the challenges of the respective markets.

Alleima, is a global manufacturer of high value-added products in advanced stainless steels, special alloys as well as solutions for industrial heating. The company originates from Sandvik, who was founded 160 years ago in Sandviken, Sweden, and Alleima still has its headquarters there.
Offering includes products like seamless steel tubes for the energy, chemical and aerospace industry, precision strip steel for white goods compressors, air conditioners and knife applications, based on more than 900 active alloy recipes.

It also includes ultra-fine wires and wire-based components for medical and micro-electronic devices, industrial electric heating technology and coated strip steel for fuel cell technology for cars, trucks, and hydrogen production. For the medical industry, Alleima offers more than 200 alloys and more on request. Alleima has about 5,500 employees and customers in approximately 90 countries.

When separated from Sandvik and listed on Nasdaq Stockholm in August 2022, the plan was to find a name that encapsulates the core and uniqueness of what they are doing. The name Alleima combines two cornerstones of the business – alloys (an old version of the word alloy – “alei”) and materials, linking to the heritage and future offering.

Accuratech Group, was headquartered in Burgdorf, Switzerland and conducted its business through three entities; Polyfil AG, Galvarex S.A and Polyflex, with around 50 employees. After the brand change all companies have been re-named Alleima.


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