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New High-Strength Nickel and Copper Alloys: Introducing Certified HX and CuCr2.4 on DMP Metal 3D Printers

We are pleased to announce availability of two new certified metal materials for 3D printing high-strength, industrial metal parts, including:

HX (Nickel Alloy)
Co-developed with GF Machining Solutions, HX is a high-performance nickel alloy with significantly higher percentage of molybdenum (Mo), (~8-9.5%) which enhances strength, and resistance to corrosion, creep deformation, cracking and oxidation in hot zone applications.

HX together with the DMP Factory 500 solution allows customers to build some of the industry’s largest, high-density parts such as aerospace and IGT stators, casings and turbine blades with integrated channels at optimal orientation using the fewest support struts. Available on the DMP Flex/Factory 350 (single laser system only) and DMP Factory 500.
Certified CuCr2.4 Copper
A copper alloy containing a small amount of chromium (~1%). This material is significantly stronger than pure copper and easier to process for 3D printing applications. Also suitable as a high conductivity material after heat-treatment.

CuCr2.4 is ideal for customers in high-tech, general manufacturing, aerospace/defense and automotive looking to print large, strong copper alloy parts at the highest levels of part density and yield. Available on the DMP Flex/Factory 350 (single laser system only).

New Build Volume Reducer for the DMP Flex 200 and DMP Flex/Factory 350
3D Systems is also pleased to announce the availability of a new build volume reduction kit for the DMP Flex 200 and DMP Flex/Factory 350 systems (separate kits). This is ideal for material researchers and academic research departments looking to test, experiment and develop new alloy formulations or print small, limited quantities of precious metals, without powder wastage


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