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PostProcess Expands Automated Post-Processing Offerings with new DEMI X 520 Resin Removal Removal Solutions

PostProcess Technologies, a pioneer in automated post-processing solutions for additive manufacturing (AM), announced today the launch of two revolutionary solutions in their lineup of automated, intelligent post-processing solutions: DEMI X 520 for Resin Removal™ and DEMI X 520 for Dental Resin Removal™.

These offerings extend the PostProcess Submersed Vortex Cavitation™ portfolio by introducing our new patent pending Axial Flow Technology™, delivering unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and ease of use.

Combining intelligent software capabilities, robust hardware features, and specially formulated chemistry, these solutions achieve optimal IPA-Free resin removal on 3D printed parts. New features help to deliver a simple, personalized and complete full-stack post-processing experience.

Key benefits of our complete solution include:

Software-Driven Workflow Automation: intuitive user-guided experiences catered to each application create seamless, efficient, and error-free operation.
Axial Flow Agitation System: With the capability to adjust flow, this system optimizes performance while reducing the risk of part damage, ensuring safe and optimal processes and part outcomes.
Automatic Lift System: Fully automating process workflows, both DEMI X 520 solutions feature an automatic lift to streamline operations and control part exposure, minimizing the need for operator intervention.
IPA-Free Workflow with Patented Chemistry: PLM-403-SUB provides a biocompatible, environmentally-friendly workflow and a safer alternative for cleaning and rinsing parts. When combined with a rinse in our AUX-400-RINSE chemistry, it can eliminate the need for IPA in post-processing.

Both solutions in the DEMI X 520 series deliver enhanced safety and efficiency. Engineered for operator well-being, they feature a chemistry that produces low odors and offer high flashpoints compared to traditional solvents like IPA. Our intelligent solutions ensure unparalleled consistency through validated workflows, enabling high-quality, repeatable cycles. This innovation translates into increased throughput and productivity, setting a new standard for precision and reliability in resin removal technology.

Long standing industry experts Great Lakes Dental Technologies, located in Buffalo, NY, have experienced firsthand how the next generation of IPA-Free resin removal has improved their dental post-processing.

“For over 50 years, employee-owned Great Lakes Dental Technologies has dedicated itself to providing best-in-class appliances with unparalleled precision and quality through the adoption of cutting-edge technology,” says Sean McPhail, Team Lead from Great Lakes Dental Technologies. “The integration of PostProcess’s advanced automated dental resin post-processing solution has allowed Great Lakes to improve process efficiencies, saving valuable time and resources. PostProcess’s innovative expertise has enabled Great Lakes to improve and consistently meet and exceed customers’ expectations for excellence.”

“With a deep commitment to cutting-edge innovation, we continue to redefine the landscape of additive manufacturing by providing advanced solutions that optimize workflows and deliver exceptional quality and sustainability for a range of industries.” states Jeff Mize, PostProcess CEO. “Our DEMI X 520 Series represents our dedication to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of post-processing.”


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