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Paper-based 3D printing lets parents give their baby a one-of-a-kind gift

"Mcor's unique high-definition colour capability produced consistent and accurate colour all the way around Master Aarav's trousers and shirt, including the cartoon character", Ujjal Mitra, Director of PrintZworldwide India

PrintZworldwide a distribution company located India, wanted to jumpstart the 3D printed Selfie market in India as a means to expand its service offerings and generate a new source of revenue.

To that end they established MiniMeee, a service that creates precise 360° scaled physical 3D replicas of people, animals and much more as lasting keepsakes for their customers.

They have been experimenting with different techniques to capture the digital 3D file needed to produce full-colour 3D printed Selfies: 3D scanning, photogrammetry and using a single or, preferably, multiple photographs.

MiniMeee was approached by parents who wanted to give their young son, Aarav, a safe, durable 3D printed replica of himself as a gift for his second birthday. Because this family lives too far away from MiniMeee to make 3D scanning or photogrammetry feasible, the only viable option was for MiniMeee's expert digital sculptors to create the digital 3D model of Aarav from photographs sent by his parents.

"We asked the clients to take a set of 
photographs of their son from different angles and send them to us," said Ujjal Mitra Director of PrintZworldwide India. "For this particular model, it took MiniMeee's design team 72 hours to create the digital 3D model of Aarav from a set of five photographs. They expertly "sculpted" the separate photo images into a single digital 3D image. "We then sent it back to the parents by email for their approval," said Mitra.

After MiniMeee received approval of the digital model from Aarav's parents, they were ready to produce the 3D printed model. They imported the digital 3D image into Mcor Technologies' SliceIT print driver software. MiniMeee uses an Mcor IRIS HD 3D printer that uses low-cost, safe and eco-friendly copy paper as the print medium and provides the industry's only high-definition, photorealistic colour. "Mcor's unique high-definition colour capability, for example, produced consistent and accurate colour on the model all the way around Master Aarav's trousers and shirt, including the cartoon character," said Mitra.

The finished 3D printed model is 200 mm tall X 119 mm wide X 150 mm deep. It was sprayed with a few coats of non-toxic Mcor SEAL to further intensify the colour and protect it from humidity.

The only remaining task was to pack the model of Aarav and send it to his parents in time for his second birthday. No doubt he will be delighted by this gift for years to come.

"Aarav's parents were so pleased with the result they now want us to create another model for their four-year old daughter, said Mitra. "The journey begins!"




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