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Danger & Beauty - Turner and the Tradition of the Sublime exhibition invitations with WATERFALL by Eyal Gever in collaboration with STRATASYS, 3D printed on a Stratasys Objet1000™ Multi-material 3D Printer.Rijksmuseum Twenthe and Museum de Fundatie, Netherlands

Museum de Fundatie and Rijksmuseum Twenthe are showing a double exhibition entitled Danger & Beauty – Turner and the Tradition of the Sublime in conjunction with Tate Britain. It presents around 50 paintings and watercolours by Turner in the context of European art history from the late Middle Ages to the present.

The influence of Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) extends far beyond his own country and period. His work embodies the sublime landscape, representing a revolutionary vision of nature in which danger and beauty do not exclude one another at all, but are actually interwoven.

Six pieces by Eyal Gever feature in the exhibition, with three – WATERFALL, COLLISION / TRUCK VS TRUCK, and PIECE OF OCEAN – produced on a Stratasys Objet1000 Multi-material 3D Printer. Gever is an artist who wittingly and willingly aligns himself to the line set out by Turner. Creating artworks based on sublime moments, these moments fill a person with amazement, awe, terror, astonishment and silence. They are also moments of pure beauty. Gever's ongoing body of works examines the relationship between the simulated events that he creates and their physical manifestation. These sublime moments are borne out of simulations and translated as art.



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