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Announcing a new, more powerful Design Engine

In early 2021, Carbon customers got the first look at Design Engine™. Today, Carbon is announcing the launch of the next generation of Carbon Design Engine with advanced latticing capabilities and the ability to access Design Engine independent of a printer subscription.

Carbon Design Engine is a cloud-based lattice design generator that automates the process of creating conformal, zonal lattices, saving engineers significant time and effort in designing breakthrough products.

Generate the most complex of lattice designs in just a few minutes, thanks to running computations in the cloud
Powerful tools, no tedious tuning: Carbon Design Engine resolves lattice features, both large and small, while robustly transitioning between different zones inside the same part.
Precise control: Lattices generated in Design Engine can be optimized for a wide array of performance characteristics, including part volume and desired mechanical response.
Multi-zone: The Pro tier of Design Engine introduces the ability to tune multiple zones at once, integrating different lattice types, cell sizes, or strut diameters to create different zones of performance.
Powerful zone transitions: Design Engine uses patent pending technology to seamlessly blend zones, producing attractive, functional lattices ready to use in real-world applications.
Proven in production: Carbon Design Engine generates lattices intended for use in real products, delivering unique performance characteristics and manufacturability. The core lattice technology in Carbon Design Engine has been used to design award-winning products from companies like Specialized and CCM.
Choose your printer: Design Engine offers compatibility with most common additive manufacturing techniques by outputting generated lattices as STLs.

Different subscription options for different needs: Design Engine is offered as one of three tiers.
Standard: An automated conformal, single-zone lattice design generator ideal for fast and easy exploration of lattice designs.
Pro: An automated conformal, multi-zone lattice design generator intended for complex lattice shapes intended for production.
Enterprise: All of the features of the Pro tier packaged for organizations.
Join the waitlist: Design Engine Pro will be available in early 2022 via standalone subscription



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