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Latest study in the USA shows: More consumers want a printed receipt

Majority of American consumers prefer a paper receipt over an electronic receipt for private retail purchases, according to latest study
Paper receipts have the decisive advantage of better protection of private data in the view of the majority of American consumers
Eight out of ten American consumers want to choose between a paper receipt and an electronic receipt for personal purchases

Koehler Paper, part of the Koehler Group and a leading manufacturer of thermal paper, announces that according to a US survey by Tulchin Research, the majority (72%) of American consumers prefer a paper receipt over an electronic receipt for personal purchases. The paper receipt makes the majority of Americans surveyed feel good about protecting their data, which is one reason why they oppose the elimination of the paper receipt. Most (85%) Americans surveyed would at least like the choice between a paper receipt and an electronic receipt.
Paper receipt experiences a renaissance against the general digitisation trend
Tulchin Research is an award-winning polling firm specialising in opinion surveys. The survey, which was initiated by the Paper Receipt Converting Association (PRCA), is based on the statements of 1,000 randomly selected adults aged 18 and over in the USA. While three out of four consumers surveyed prefer a paper receipt, only a quarter of respondents want an electronic receipt sent to their phone via email or text message. Eight out of ten American consumers want to be able to decide for themselves what type of receipt is appropriate for them and their purchase, rather than having that decision made for them. "The result is surprising as it goes against the general trend of digitalisation," re- sumes Steve Graves, General Manager of Koehler America and emphasises: "This development shows that the paper receipt is experiencing a renaissance and I am sure that the survey results can also be transferred to Europeans."
Paper is patient and therefore has many advantages, such as for documentation purposes in the case of complaints. Sebastian Früh, head of the thermal paper division at Koehler Paper, adds: "There is now also thermal paper from Koehler Paper that is produced without colour developers and is therefore environmentally friendly and recyclable. Having a receipt printed out in order to feel more secure with regard to personal data does not have to be contrary to personal environmental considerations.



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