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Pikcio partners with BioID to deliver age verification as a service

Biometric authentication for reuse of age verification tokens

Blockchain-based data exchange company Pikcio and cloud biometrics developer BioID have announced a joint project in which BioID’s facial recognition will be used to deliver age verification as a service. This partnership aims to ensure age verification restrictions are met by adult websites, in compliance with new UK regulations.

Pikcio has developed a platform for a decentralized, secure, transparent and legally compliant exchange of personal data between individuals and businesses. The fintech company helps store, secure, verify and certify data. A key point: the individual has complete control over his data, how it is accessed and by whom. Its application for age verification has become urgent as UK regulators have issued laws banning websites with adult content unless there is a proper age verification system in place. At stake: user anonymity and consent. Because a website user’s identity cannot be disclosed, “anonymous” age verification needs to be implemented. The system also requires the user’s consent as they will object to both cumbersome processes and personal data stored on explicit websites.

“We will simply store tokens of the data we have verified. The user logging on to an age-restricted site has the option to make the token reusable and thus does not have to go through the verification process each time,” says Pikcio CEO Didier Collin de Casaubon. “Delivering a simple, intuitive experience when verifying the individual’s data or token is key to this solution. With BioID’s advanced face recognition and liveness detection technology, we can extend this philosophy to “anonymous” age verification as a service.”

KYC/AML processes are in place for Pikcio’s customers’ onboarding processes. Age verification and tokens with biometric recognition reuse is yet another step to ensure frictionless and highly secure online processes. Companies under UK regulation as well as data-aware individuals will benefit from the concept.

“Pikcio is a true innovator in the field of securing, exchanging and verifying personal data. With face recognition as an authentication method, access to data is exclusive to its owner. Combining our technologies for age verification services is the ideal way to deliver a highly innovative means of compliance with UK regulation. We are pleased to help Pikcio continue to improve their services,” says BioID CEO Ho Chang.


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