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Next generation of Heidelberg Wallbox with Energy Control launches

Integrated load management and excellent value for money thanks to advances in charging technology
Smart charging system for up to 16 electric vehicles at once
Can be incorporated into home energy management systems

As the number of electric vehicle registrations continues to rise, there is also an increasing need to charge multiple vehicles in the same location simultaneously. This means a growing demand for charging equipment with a load management system that optimizes distribution of the available charging capacity between a number of electric vehicles. Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has responded by launching the new generation of its charging systems for hybrid and electric vehicles. The Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with integrated load management supports simultaneous charging of several vehicles, which provides an attractive charging solution for apartment buildings, multi-vehicle garages, and company/hotel parking lots. Based on dynamic local load management, a number of networked Wallboxes distribute the available charging current to as many as 16 hybrid or electric vehicles in an optimized, automatic process.
“Charging systems from Heidelberg have now firmly established themselves on the electric vehicle market. Many users, especially business customers, are also eagerly awaiting the company’s launch of its enhanced charging technology with integrated load management, which combines tried-and-tested Heidelberg quality with real value for money,” says Heidelberg CEO Rainer Hundsdörfer.
Dynamic local load management and short charging times provide added value for users
Using a Type 2 connector, the Wallbox Energy Control charges each hybrid or electric car with a maximum power of 11 kW, which makes it five times faster than a normal domestic power outlet. Once a vehicle is fully charged, power is still supplied to components such as the engine-independent heating system, if necessary, while freed-up capacity is used to charge the batteries of the remaining vehicles. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control can operate on a standalone basis or be networked with up to 15 further Wallboxes, which is particularly beneficial for business customers. It also enables landlords and housing associations to prepare their residential properties for future electromobility requirements. Employers can make it easier for their staff to switch to climate-friendly cars, while hotels and restaurants become a more attractive option for guests and diners who drive electric vehicles.
Easy installation with no follow-up costs
Dynamic local load management makes for easy, cost-effective installation and operation of the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control. It simply requires a standard 16 A three-phase power supply, which is already available in many locations. This dispenses with the need for costly excavation and conversion work. There are no follow-up costs either, because the Wallbox benefits from completely maintenance-free operation.
Smart interaction with your photovoltaic system
The Wallbox Energy Control is also an especially attractive option for anyone generating their own electricity – from solar panels, for example – as it can then be linked to the household’s existing home energy management system (HEMS). This enables surplus electricity from the photovoltaic system to be used specifically for charging electric vehicles. However, the system only diverts the amount of solar power readily available at any given time to the Wallbox, so a consumption-optimized supply of self-generated electricity is always ensured when it comes to charging.
If Wallboxes are incorporated into the HEMS, the charging system benefits from dynamic local control via the Internet. Depending on the HEMS manufacturer, users then also have various apps at their disposal for cost management or monitoring charging processes.
Other Wallbox options include an external lock to protect against unauthorized charging and access controls based on RFID or key-operated switches.
Robust, tried-and-tested technology that offers excellent value for money
Like the Heidelberg Wallbox Home Eco, which came out top in tests by German automobile association ADAC, the Heidelberg Wallbox Energy Control with its high-quality stainless steel front is a prime example of robust, high-grade industrial manufacturing. It also offers excellent value for money, with prices starting at EUR 790 (RRP incl. VAT), and is available from electrical retailers, wholesalers, and certified electricians.



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