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Micro-Strip Solar Panel

Solar Panels offer one of the most sustainable and clean forms of energy. Substantial progress in developing cell technologies has both raised the efficiency of the cells and lowered their cost. However, solar is still facing barriers that prevent it from becoming a viable alternative to fossil fuel. We have a solution that increases performance and lowers cost further by addressing aesthetic and installation issues.

Astrological Sun Tracker

Today, solar cells are one of the most important applications of solar energy. But these solar cells face a serious problem because its efficiency cannot exceed 20%. This means solar cells are characterized with high cost or low quality. So we aim to make the sun rays to be perpendicular to plate face. This can be achieved by developing a device that can track the sun all day accurately and keep it in the perpendicular direction with respect to the solar cells plate. This device is called "Astrological Sun Tracker".

Method for enhancing Cooling of solar Cells

As a Photovoltaic cell gets hot its ability to convert sun-light to electrical energy reduces. This increase in temperature occurs as a simple byproduct of exposure to the light of the sun. For solar arrays that don't use collectors, the temperature increase is minor. But as collectors are used to concentrate the solar radiation on a smaller assembly of cells, the temperature increase becomes substantial.

Green Warrior

As overt from the name "GREEN WARRIOR" of our vehicle, our vehicle design's prime concern is to ensure that most ecological and biodegradable materials must be put to use for the fabrication. The vivid use of BAMBOO for chassis design is thus incorporated. Bamboo being a material that acts as a carbon sink, conserve biodiversity, beautify the landscape, essentially contributes to the purification and regulation of the environment, produces oxygen and provides organic matter; is the quintessential material for an overall eco- friendly design. Moreover, the carbon emissions are also absorbed by the bamboo which significantly reduces the carbon content released into the environment.

Reducing paper usage (save trees) by using electronic touch display

In these days we using tons of paper by destroying hundreds of trees. My idea is to save trees from producing paper by using electronic touch displays in all places where paper forms are highly used. This idea save the trees. Like RDO offices, banks and in many government and private sectors we use paper forms to fill out our details and records to do something (for requesting income tax certificate, opening account in bank etc..).

Direct solar energy conversion to electricity by potentially low cost nanometer scale Metal-Insulator-Metal tunnel diode serving as a rectifier in rectenna arrays

Harvesting solar energy using optical frequency rectennas is a potential low-cost solution for high efficiency photovoltaics. Unlike conventional semiconductor solar cells, in which the solar energy efficiency is fundamentally limited to approximately 30%, an optical rectenna is not constrained by that limitation; therefore conversion efficiency greater than 85% would be possible.

Tri-comb High Strength Low Density Panels

Tri-comb(tm) Panel Core Structures were created to facilitate mass production of economical, high-performance panels. The real world applications are vast. Substantial savings in weight, materials, shipping and production costs are all simultaneously possible when Tri-comb(tm) replaces conventional panels or even honeycomb. Tri-comb(tm) opens up new possibilities for better LEED compliant building materials.

Green Cruzer

Solar Powered Electric Recumbent Trike

Imagine a ride in which all you want to do is enjoy, relax, detached from all distractions and without any worries regarding refuelling stations, fuel costs and even contribute in protecting the environment. This dream has been made into reality by a group of engineering students from Don Bosco Institute Of Technology, Kurla, Mumbai.

Optics for solar panels at 1/3rd cost, higher efficiency and high scale

Agira's micro-optics technology traps and accumulates sunlight incident from multiple angles of the sun inside a static glass panel. This product delivers high intensity light to the edge of the glass panel where solar cells can be attached to produce power. Because our patent-pending optics reduces active solar cell requirement to 1-2%, it enables distinct advantages of 60% lower cost, 30% higher power conversion efficiency, and 50x increase in module manufacturing capacity.

Medical Dressing Identification Label using Barcode Scanner Technology

A polymeric film which can be transparent, semi-transparent or opaque, that consists of the polymeric film and a backing of some sort that adheres to the skin of the patient, but can be easily removed to reposition and re-adhered if necessary. The film, contains patient identification, including currently available information (name, date of birth, doctor, etc.), a barcode or other scanner-readable markings that are permanent in nature, which contain the patient information, but due to its encrypted nature through the use of a barcode or other, maintains the patient's confidentiality.

Pars rescue robot

Hearing news about drownings at the Caspian Sea (north of Iran), we thought of finding a solution of saving human lives at sea. For solving the problem, as the first step, we developed a surface rescue robot at RTS Lab. After manufacturing and testing it successfully, we thought of building a robot with higher capabilities that could act quicker and more accurate in rescue missions and we came up with the Pars aerial rescue robot idea.

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