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Announcement of the winners of the European Carton Excellence Awards

A toast to outstanding carton packaging made from recycled materials and virgin fibres

The jurors of the European Carton Excellence Awards 2020 voted the Van Genechten packaging creation Roku Gin as Carton of the Year. The winner was announced on 7 October at the first virtual Carton E-vent with award ceremony, hosted by Pro Carton - the European Association of Cartonboard and Folding Carton Manufacturers - and the European Carton Makers Association (ECMA).
Carton of the Year: Roku Gin
The Roku Gin packaging was made from Stora Enso cardboard and won the "Carton of the Year" award for its aesthetic design with great print, for the quality of workmanship and for the way it successfully conveys the background story of the product. The six corners of the gift box symbolise the six Japanese plant extracts used to make Roku - a term that means "six" in Japanese - while the embossing and floral print express traditional Japanese courtesy. The packaging guarantees both excellent visibility and protection for the product, while at the same time informing and enticing the consumer to buy.
Winner of the "Innovation" category: Re-Fruiter Tray
The "Innovation" award went to Snel BV's Re-Fruiter Tray made of cardboard from Smurfit Kappa Hoya Papier und Karton. This clever packaging consists of a grid-like tray with a punched profile with a pattern of angled elements that are joined together to form a flexible surface. The recyclable packaging protects berries during transport and eliminates the need for plastic trays and bubble wrap.
Winner of the "Save the Planet" category: Eco Fit Lid
The jury agreed that Seda International Packaging Group's Eco Fit Lid creation was a worthy Save the Planet winner. The cardboard lid uses Stora Enso's new cardboard manufacturing technology, is perfect for hot and cold drinks and ensures safe drinking pleasure. The product is fully recyclable and compostable, making it the ultimate sustainable alternative to the plastic lids commonly used in fast food sales.
The winners in each category were:
The winner of the category "Food and Beverage - Fresh Fibre": Korpikuusikkon Honey gift packaging
Food and beverages - fresh fibre
Cadpack won the "Food and Beverage - Fresh Fibre" category with its Korpiku musickon Honey gift packaging made of Metsä Board materials. The luxury packaging enhances the customer experience with its tactile surface and printed effects that invite consumers to touch and feel.
The winner in the category "Food and Beverage - Recycled Fibre": Enovo egg carton
Food and beverages - Recycled fibre
Alzamora Carton Packaging won the category "Food and Beverage - Recycled Fibre" with its Enovo cardboard packaging from Baden Board. This clear packaging consists of a bottom and a lid made of cellulose and uses a minimum of material, but still looks very high quality. It offers a sustainable alternative to the common plastic packaging for eggs, as it is made of recycled fibre and is both recyclable and biodegradable.
The winner of the category "General packaging, fresh fibre: ISANA Cosmetics
General packaging - fresh fibre
Edelmanns and Stora Ensos ISANA Cosmetics won the category "General Packaging - Fresh Fibre" due to their structural design and sophisticated processing. The appealing graphics and embossing are completed by an elaborate top closure, which gives this packaging an extremely eye-catching and luxurious touch and is intended to reflect the contents inside.
The winner of the category "General packaging - recycled fibre": disposable face mask
General packaging - Recycled fibre
The disposable face mask from WEIG Packaging and Moritz J. Weig impressed the jury in the category "General packaging - recycled fibre". The disposable face mask uses cardboard material to fulfil an important function during the pandemic, as it has a filter paper insert that reduces the risk of virus transmission. The size can be easily adjusted and is completely plastic-free.
Public Award
Most recently, the Graphic Packaging International creation KeelClip™ was the worthy winner of the "Public Award" audience award. This is a sustainable cardboard packaging for multi-pack cans, designed to replace traditional plastic rings that are harmful to nature. In addition to these environmental benefits, KeelClip™ also offers excellent handling and practical storage options.
Tony Hitchin, General Manager of Pro Carton: "We are delighted that the disruption caused by the global pandemic has not affected the quality of this year's entries to the European Carton Excellence Awards. The number and quality of entries was simply phenomenal and really brought out the versatility of carton as a packaging material.
"Carton packaging represents an opportunity for all of us; carton is the best solution in the packaging sector as it is renewable, recyclable and biodegradable and can therefore form a mainstay in a modern recycling economy. Cardboard packaging is not only impressive because of its sustainability, but also because of its potential as a means of communication. The awards show how successfully carton packaging protects and promotes brands while protecting the environment.".


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