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BATTISTA ATELIER: Series production in Italy picks up speed

The world's first purely electric Hyper-GT goes into series production: In the special Atelier premises next to Automobili Pininfarina's design, engineering and development centre in Cambiano.

The Battista Atelier has been specially redesigned for the manufacture of the Battista and now has a special personalisation lounge for customers
Each Battista is hand-built in up to 1,340 hours in order to realise the very personal wishes of the customers together with the designers of Automobili Pininfarina.
With over 1,900 hp and 2,340 Nm of torque, the Battista is the most powerful Italian sports car of all time. A maximum of 150 examples will be personalised and built for customers from all over the world
Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, says: "The Hyper-GT Battista is the realisation of a dream that began with design legend Battista 'Pinin' Farina's desire to create a beautiful car that bears the Pininfarina name exclusively. We are proud to have achieved this goal. It puts us at the forefront of an exciting new luxury era, where purist design and a focus on sustainable innovation will shape a series of incredible new cars from Automobili Pininfarina."
The first production Battista, which has already been manufactured at the new atelier, has already been photographed in Monaco during the first customer test drives and will be presented in the US in August
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CAMBIANO, Italy and MUNICH, July 13, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Production of the Battista, the world's first all-electric hyper GT, has begun at a dedicated new atelier in Cambiano, in Italy's Piedmont region. This milestone marks a next chapter in the history of Automobili Pininfarina, the new Italian luxury carmaker.
The Battista next to the Bespoke area at the Battista Atelier of Automobili Pininfarina in Cambiano.
The award-winning Battista is now being handcrafted by a team of artisans in the 2,300 square metre hall. A maximum of 150 copies are to be created in total. Battista owners can look forward to first-class customer service provided by the 25 experienced luxury partnerships from Automobili Pininfarina's global distribution network, as well as an in-house customer support team.
Per Svantesson, CEO of Automobili Pininfarina, says: "I am proud to lead the team that is making the award-winning Battista a production vehicle. Since Automobili Pininfarina's launch with the first presentation in Rome in 2018, we have built a team of 118 professionals from 20 nations. This motley 'family' is now firmly established both at our Munich headquarters and in our northern Italian home. There, a growing team of experts in design and vehicle development is creating the groundbreaking vehicles of the future."
"This great family has overcome tremendous challenges in recent years. To do this, it has focused entirely on inspiring Battista owners and owners. The first deliveries of the Battista this year mark a quantum leap in automotive design and technology. And I am firmly convinced: owning Battista will be as enriching as it is impressive."
One member of the diverse family at Automobili Pininfarina is Andrea Novello, Director of Production. Novello's grandfather was employed in the same factory several decades ago, and his knowledge and processes are still used in the production of the Battista today.
Andrea Novello explains: "The Battista Atelier is steeped in history and offers a lot of inspiration - it was specially prepared for the production of the most powerful vehicle ever built in Italy. Here we bring together the most technically advanced components, materials and quality assurance processes to ensure that owning a Battista is as exhilarating as the driving experience."
The Battista Atelier is divided into 14 manufacturing and quality assurance areas. Manufacturing uses both modern technologies - for example, several new bespoke assembly jigs - and more traditional processes and tools, such as high-precision pneumatic screwdrivers for fitting and installing small parts in the Battista. This pays the utmost respect to the bodybuilding heritage of the Cambiano plant.
In total, each Battista takes ten weeks to assemble; for the Battista Anniversario, for example, it takes as long as 18 weeks because of the different lacquer finishes applied by hand. Each individual Battista is assembled by ten craftsmen and women in at least 1,250 hours. Due to the customised design features and the special finish of the exclusive Battista Anniversario, the time required increases to up to 1,340 hours.
First, the Battista's rolling chassis, consisting of electric drivetrain, T-shaped battery, carbon monocoque and electrical systems, is delivered to the first area. There, checks are carried out in accordance with Automobili Pininfarina's strict quality standards and the respective status is recorded. This is the first of many electronically controlled inspection gates that the Battista has to pass on its way through the factory in Cambiano.
The primed bodyshell is then bonded to the monocoque, slowly giving the Battista its unique shape. With its special "Goccia" roof over the passenger compartment, the Battista gains structural strength and rigidity. While the body is mounted on another fixture, all dimensions and parameters are measured and recorded to the finest tolerances in this two-day process. This is done in a measuring area that has been used for 20 years in the heart of the factory for the successful production of special vehicles. The body is then detached from the chassis to prepare it for transport to a special paint shop.
The normal painting cycle takes three to four weeks. The new mixture of a multi-layer paint chosen from 28 colours inspired by the Italian region of Piedmont - the home of Automobili Pininfarina - is applied. Each body panel is mounted on another custom-made fixture to ensure perfect colour matching. While the exterior paintwork is being perfected, the dashboard and interior are installed.
In the fifth area, 80 per cent of the vehicle is assembled, which takes about two days. An ergonomic lift with customised assembly jig helps the artisans and craftsmen achieve the tight tolerances required for parts such as the wheel arches and flat underbody. The complex butterfly doors - ingenious in their design and a supporting component of the special vehicle structure - are also installed during this construction phase over the course of two days. This involves the use of another unique assembly jig that can support the heavy doors and tilt them in several directions to ensure a perfect fit.
Next, the first final checks and further customisation are carried out. This involves using special software and customised tools to check that all high standards are met while the vehicle is in "production mode". Then, in "customer mode", everything is checked to ensure it works as intended - including battery charging, the infotainment system and Automobili Pininfarina's unique SUONO PURO sound signature.
In the final production area of the atelier, the Battista is placed on another lift for 24 hours to perform a thorough axle and steering adjustment. Afterwards, each vehicle is water-tested to ensure that no water penetrates, regardless of intensity. This is followed by the final sign-offs and completion of the digital log.
The final quality checks are carried out by professionals who have perfection at heart. This includes functional tests, a thorough visual inspection in the light tunnel and test drives on the road. This special GT test programme is carried out on a specially selected track with different road types and surfaces, just like those later driven by the Battista owners. Each Battista is subjected to a thorough nail test by the same test driver before heading back to Cambiano. There, the protective film is then removed and a final aesthetic check is carried out to prepare it for delivery to customers.
Paolo Dellachà, Chief Product and Engineering Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, says: "With Battista, we are creating a fascinating, novel 'Gran Turismo' driving experience that harnesses the unprecedented performance made possible by electrification and perfectly complements the exquisite work of our design team expressed in the shapes and details of this hyper-GT."
"In everything we do, quality comes first. From premium engineering components to rigorous testing during the Battista's development programme, it's all designed to ensure our customers and clients enjoy every ride in this incredible first car from the Automobili Pininfarina team."
A visit to the Battista Atelier gives each owner the opportunity to meet the team behind the car, work with the design team to personalise their own vehicle and see it being built - an unparalleled experience.
Customers are given detailed and individual advice on the configuration of their Battista. A bespoke design proposal is created for each one, before being invited to Cambiano to work out the final specification in a face-to-face meeting with the designers.
Dave Amantea, Chief Design Officer at Automobili Pininfarina, sits down with each client and customer to perfect the configuration. Amantea explains, "Every Battista is bespoke. As passionate designers, we love to share our expertise and knowledge with our clients, explain our unique design philosophy PURA and together create a bespoke Battista that matches the individuality and desired specification."
"The whole experience is a very personal one. That's why it's extremely important that we offer them inspiration and memorable moments when choosing from an almost unlimited number of options. This process guarantees a distinctive Battista version for all owners and proprietors, expressing personality everywhere."
To this end, next to the assembly area is a high-end personalisation lounge for customers and clients with various samples to look at, touch and feel. There, colour and material options for the exterior and interior can be specified. Additional elements can be specified for the exterior design, such as the Exterior Jewellery Pack, brake caliper colours and special finishes for the wheels. In total, there are up to 13.9 trillion combinations for the exterior.
Inside, customers can create a unique Battista thanks to 128 million possible configurations for colours, materials - including leather, Alcantara and aluminium - and engravings. The exclusivity enhances the Battista's investment value and builds on a glorious history of automotive masterpieces for collectors and enthusiasts that bear the Pininfarina name.
Sara Campagnolo, Director of Colour and Material Design, says: "With Battista, we have the chance to shape a whole new sector of sustainable luxury through true personalisation and high-quality craftsmanship. It is a real privilege to combine innovative technology with Pininfarina's rich design tradition. In doing so, we use sustainable materials and processes that we will continue to use and optimise in future projects."
Throughout the design and manufacturing process, clients are kept personally informed of the status of their Battista by Automobili Pininfarina's customer support team.
Automobili Pininfarina's after-sales service ensures peace of mind throughout Battista ownership. A total digital aftersales concept, including spare parts and warranty management, training and remote diagnostics, complements the worldwide partner network. Thanks to our presence in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Australia and Asia, we are there for customers everywhere.
For tricky technical issues, a "Flying Doctor" comes to any place in the world to support customers. This team of experts has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of Battista and has been involved throughout the development of the vehicle, for example in writing the owner's manual and workshop manual for distributors.
In addition, owners can take advantage of comprehensive aftersales packages: Eccellenza, Futura and Eterna:
Eccellenza: an exclusive five- or ten-year maintenance programme that ensures the safety and reliability of all vehicle functions and parts throughout vehicle ownership. It ensures optimal performance and preserves the vehicle's value.
Futura: Automobili Pininfarina's extended warranty for the Battista's battery and powertrain. It offers seven additional years of warranty and peace of mind after the standard three-year warranty.
Eterna: The Eterna programme offers a kit of ready-to-install body spare parts that can be ordered when the vehicle is configured. It maintains the long-term value of the Battista. The parts are made to match the original configuration and painted at the time of vehicle manufacture.
Delivery of the Battista to customers worldwide will start at the end of summer 2022. The purely electric Hyper-GT is available in the "Pura" body style or with the "Furiosa" body design package. Five examples of the Battista Anniversario will be produced as part of the limited production run of 150 units in total. This unique vehicle specification pays tribute to the life's work of design legend Battista "Pinin" Farina. All five of this special edition have already been sold.


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