BOOM - the sustainable brochure

The subject of sustainability has long been learned: everything is interrelated. That is why it is only together that we achieve the greatest leverage in sustainable creation.

Against this background, Florian Kohler from Gmund Papier, Erwin Rametsteiner from Eberl Print and Frank Wagner from sat down at a table one afternoon. In Mr. Kohler's luggage: the paper series Gmund Bio Cycle - a new collection for which up to 50% of the paper pulp has been replaced by fast-growing fibres such as hemp, straw, cotton and grass. It quickly became clear that friends and partners would have to tell the sustainable story of the paper series together. With sustainable design and printing. The result is BOOM - a particularly sustainable brochure.
"With Gmund Bio Cycle paper, we offer our customers real added value in terms of design, feel, story and credibility. The collection is ideal for companies who want to express their green corporate philosophy through packaging, brochures or print communication," says Florian Kohler. And he continues: "We want to make this experience possible with the BOOM brochure. The title was developed by in the course of the entire conception, design and creation of the texts. The topic: "Intelligent Reporting". A new reading orientation for the annual reports, which breaks away from the classic structure of the format and prepares the content according to the information needs of the stakeholders.
Stories from the forest, which transfer the topic of "Intelligent Reporting" into nature, draw a link to sustainability.
Independently of this, the brochure is a prime example of's sustainable work. "We have been CO2-free certified since 2009. Under the name hw.d greenspirit we have bundled a number of activities with which we assume responsibility for society and the environment. From green electricity to the climate-neutral production of our print products". A task that Premium-Druckerei Eberl takes on. This is also the case for the BOOM brochure. "We clearly focus on emotions in order to achieve a sophisticated effect for people and brands. This also includes the contribution to environmental protection. We print climate neutrally with mineral oil-free inks - and on sustainable paper," adds Erwin Rametsteiner.
Anyone can hold the BOOM brochure in their hands at the Design & Print Festival UNFOLDED, which takes place from 23 to 24 October 2019 in the production halls of Gmund Papier. The guests can expect highly relevant keynote speakers and over 50 exhibitors from all over the world.