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Berghs is awarded more than ever in this year's One Show

Berghs School of Communication in Stockholm consistently excels in creative education, landing more awards than ever at The Young Ones competition at The One Show. This year, Berghs' students secured 35 awards: 13 pencils, 3 cubes, 3 portfolios and 16 merits, showcasing world-class creativity and innovation. The overall ranking in this year's global competition gives Bergh 4th place in the world among 140 schools.

Yesterday, Berghs students soared to new heights, clinching 35 awards in the Young Ones Student Awards in New York’s Sony Hall. Among these, they won 5 gold, 4 silver, 10 bronze, a record-breaking achievement for Berghs. The jury, consisting of 131 professionals worldwide, has reviewed thousands of submitted entries from students internationally. This underscores the ability to consistently challenge and explore, but also showcases their exceptional creativity and practical application of skills at a global level.

The One Club for Creativity exists to support and celebrate the success of the global creative community. It is a non-profit organization nurturing a more vibrant creative community. The Young Ones Student Awards supports the next generation's most promising up-and-coming international talent from across creative disciplines.

- This success should first and foremost be attributed to the students themselves, they've spent countless hours working hard to put together their entries. Participating in global competitions allows us to assess our students’ creative caliber and craftsmanship. Berghs naturally feel pride and joy that our students are making such an impact internationally”, says Svante Ahlman, Program Director for Berghs Art Director/Copywriter program.

Berghs emphasizes “learning by doing” by providing students with knowledge and practical tools, then applying these in real-world scenarios. This Action-Based Learning approach in combination with having industry professionals as instructors, ensures the content is linked to current industry practices.

- What an achievement by our students! At Berghs, we are deeply committed to promoting a culture that values creative problem-solving. We embrace collaboration among students, disciplines, and the wider industry to ensure an impactful learning experience. Every award and achievement reflects our commitment to maintaining high standards over time,” says Camilla Wallander, CEO of Berghs.

Berghs has been recognized with 173 awards since the digital archive was set up eight years ago, consistently ranked in the top creative schools even as the competition has grown from 40 to 140 schools.

This highlights Berghs' dedication to nurture future creative leaders shaping the creative industry. Berghs has 11 full-time programs, of which four of them are possible for international students to apply for. New for this year are the programs: Content Engineering and Urban Designer.

Award winning cases 2024

Category: Client Brief Competition Winners
Velveeta - Show Us Your Receipts - Gold + Silver
Art Director: Saga Erickson & Miranda Kyker. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg & Elise Strandh

Velveeta - Vision Pro - Gold + Bronze
Art Director: Erik Günther, Mortimer Hedman. Copywriter: Oscar Larsson, Klas Kalderén

NotCo - 5th of July Marathon - Silver + Bronze
Art Director: Saga Erickson, Stella Jeansson. Copywriter: Ronja Svahn, Oscar Larsson

Fanta - Burn Alert - Silver + Bronze
Art Director: Clara Pagh, Mortimer Hedman. Copywriter: Ellen Almqvist, Klas Kaldéren

Dove - Anti-Aging For Kids - Silver
Art Director: Sandra Alwan & Miranda Kyker. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg & Elise Strandh

Fanta - Period - Bronze x 2
Art Director: Marcus Rönne. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg

Dove - The Ever-Changing Ad - Bronze
Art Director: Mahina Köhlin. Copywriter: Albert Bäckman. Designer: Augusta Sävblom, Isak Hagberg

Category: ADC Competition Winners
Sephora - The Game Face - 1 Silver och 2 Bronze
Art Director: Stella Jeansson, Cajsa Winqvist, Miranda Kyker, Copy: Hanna Blomstrand, Lucas Klarén

Category: Portfolio Advertising Competition
Miranda Kyker, Art Director - Winner
Emil Sörensen, Art Director - Winner
Albert Bäckman, Copywriter - Winner

Merit Awards cases:
Dove - Make a Face For Tomorro
Art Director: Marcus Rönne. Copywriter: Hanna Blomstrand

Duolingo - Order Like a Foodi
Art Director: Cajsa Winqvist. Copywriter: Ronja Svahn, Ellen Almqvist, Elise Strandh

Duolingo - The Witching Hour
Art Director: Emil Sörensen. Copywriter: Lucas Klarén, Elias Wirensjö

Fanta - Harvest the Fun
Art Director: Saga Erickson, Miranda Kyker. Copywriter: Elise Strand. Designer: Emelie Sturk

MONDO by Defunc - Express Your Sound
Art Director: Selma Omar Costa, Mortimer Hedman. Copywriter: Elise Strandh, Oscar Larsson

Nordea - Gima
Art Director: Saga Erickson. Copywriter: Julia Stigborg

Peta - The Tape
Art Director: Miranda Kyker, Saga Erickson. Designer: Emelie Sturk

VOLVO – The Connected Bike Bell
Art Director: Clara Pagh, Emil Sörensen, Sandra Alwan. Copywriter: Rebecka Rydgren, Albert Bäckman


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