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Tecnau opens a new division, Automation & Packaging, focused on end-to-end solutions in industrial automation and smart packaging

Tecnau, a leading company with a complete product portfolio dedicated to paper handling, monitoring, processing and finishing for the digital printing industry, announces today the opening of a new division. Tecnau Automation & Packaging will deliver end-to-end solutions in the fields of industrial automation and smart packaging.

The company has a proven record in engineering, manufacturing and servicing customized solutions to support customer demand for automation aiming to simplify and streamline whole production processes, reduce touch points and errors, as well as increase efficiency and throughput.
Industrial automation: responding to industry trends
With the opening of the new division, Tecnau is responding to a recent impetus toward more complex solutions in industrial automation, integrating a broad spectrum of hardware, software, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT). These trends are present in several markets, including the digital print industry, where Tecnau is a leading supplier with highly-automated finishing solutions, as well as in packaging, where Tecnau has developed its latest automated solutions.
“Over the last few years Tecnau has responded to an increased demand to act as a comprehensive solution provider, combining existing products which are typically supplied as stand-alone items, into a single connected process” stated Stefano De Marco, chief executive officer at Tecnau. “Tecnau has the experience and flexibility to integrate systems not only from a mechanical/hardware perspective but also from a software standpoint, with a single point of operation, a seamless control and diagnostic capabilities. In addition, Tecnau has the experience to design and produce missing modules, thus adapting to customer needs for a tailored solution fitting each customer requirement.”
Smart packaging: automation is even more important in the packaging phase
Companies have been focused on improving the efficiency of the last phases of the process, specifically packaging, for multiple reasons: turnaround times and SLAs have become more and more tight; the packaging phase is currently a bottle neck or a critical point for many company’s operations; online business and multi-channel sales are requiring companies to reconsider the way they pack their products and to define more secure, ecological and cost effective packaging. Such focus goes across industries, from traditional manufacturing to e-commerce, where accommodating high volumes and minimizing time to market are particularly important.
Scalable packaging solutions
Packaging can involve multiple processes such as material loading, wrapping, banding, boxing, document printing and insertion, labelling, and palletizing - all these processes are supported by Tecnau Automation & Packaging. “There are several companies offering well-fitting technical solutions in each segment of the process, but most fall short of delivering an end-to-end solution which fits a specific customer application”, continues Stefano De Marco. “By choosing a partnership model which leverages on the best of each process solution, plus adding what is missing with our own know-how and experience, we are able to deliver well-fitting, scalable solutions to our customers”.
The goal of the new division is to provide significant advantages to existing and future customers that will benefit from a cross-industry expertise capable of offering a one-stop-shop for complex and tailored projects. The Tecnau knowledge and capability to function as a system integrator will result in higher-quality products that can better serve specific customer's needs in shorter times. Innovative, automated, streamlined solutions are augmented by tracking and other advanced smart process features.
Cross industry benefits for Tecnau customers
The demand for automation to reduce touch points and errors, as well as to increase efficiency and throughput is evident across the digital print finishing marketplace. With Tecnau Automation & Packaging the company will develop further its expertise in this field with the ability to propose a wider range of solutions to its current and long term customer base.




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