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Toyo Ink SC Holdings’ Shareholders Approve Trade Name Change to artience from Jan. 1

Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd., the parent company of the Toyo Ink Group, announced today that it has, as approved by its shareholders at the annual general meeting of shareholders held this day, resolved to change its trade name to artience Co., Ltd. effective January 1, 2024.

With a strong determination to transform itself into a company that delivers pioneering value through cutting-edge technology to people around the world, the entire Group will work in unison to create value that resonates with the senses and build a future where all people can live enriched lives.
New trade name and logo
Current trade name: Toyo Ink SC Holdings Co., Ltd.
New trade name: artience Co., Ltd.
There are no plans to change the trade names of the company’s affiliated companies.
Meaning behind the new trade name
"artience" is a fusion of the words "art" and "science," with "art" expressing the stimulation of the five senses and the mind, including the application of color as well as a liberal arts perspective; "science" represents the application of technology, materials and a rational approach to discovery. The new trade name expresses the company’s desire to realize a future in which everyone can live enriched lives, by providing society with "value that resonates with the senses" and that moves people’s hearts and minds. This value is born from the fusion and refinement of the company’s strengths in art and science.
New Brand Promise and Management Philosophy System
Since the company’s founding in 1896, the Toyo Ink Group has been providing products that meet the social needs of each era based on its core technologies in pigments, resins and dispersion. Amidst a rapidly changing social environment, it is determined to transform itself into a company that anticipates the needs and challenges of the changing times with each employee playing a leading role. It also aims to deliver pioneering value with leading-edge technology to people around the world. To underscore these efforts, the Group has newly established a Brand Promise as a pledge to its customers and other stakeholders: “Creating value that resonates with the senses and taking on challenges to realize a world where all people live enriched lives.”
Under the new trade name, the Toyo Ink Group will create value that resonates with people's senses by refining the “value” that it offers in the form of emotions evoked by those feelings generated from surprise, excitement and comfort (“art” value). The Group will also enhance user trust in its solutions by delivering functionality and high quality that are backed by its proven technology (“science” value). Through such art- and science-derived value that resonates with the senses, the Group endeavors to solve the challenges faced by its customers and society, while striving to realize a society in which all people can live enriched lives.
New Management Philosophy System
Corporate philosophy: People-oriented management (no change)
Brand promise: "Creating value that resonates with the senses and building a future where all people can live enriched lives."
Company slogan: Empowering Feeling
Action guidelines: (Currently being developed with employees)


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