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BigRep GmbH takes rst step for a lis ng at Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Having acquired HAGE3D at the beginning of November 2023, BigRep's management has signed a LOI with SMG Technology Accelera on SE se ng the course to be an ac ve driver in the consolida on of the 3D prin ng industry.
BigRep GmbH (“BigRep”), a leader in large‐format extrusion‐ based addi ve manufacturing (AM) solu ons, and SMG Technology Accelera on SE (“SMG”), a Luxembourg special purpose acquisi on company, have signed a non‐binding le er of intent (“LoI”) concerning a business combina on between BigRep and SMG. Through the intended business combina on, BigRep plans to become publicly traded on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

As a global leader in large‐format, open Addi ve Manufacturing (AM) solu ons, BigRep supports companies to accelerate their innova on processes and rethink manufacturing enabling them to sprint from prototyping to produc on faster, ge ng products to market faster. The industry’s demand for AM solu ons is con nuing its strong growth, driven by major global transforma ons such as digitaliza on of manufacturing, a focus on sustainability, and supply chain risk mi ga on. Hence the global AM market grew double‐digit over the last years to around USD 18 billion in 2022.
Dr.‐Ing. Sven Thate, Managing Director and CEO of BigRep GmbH, comments: “We expect the AM market to con nue its dynamic growth for the foreseeable future, driven by the strong megatrends such as digitaliza on and decentraliza on of manufacturing. BigRep embraces those transforma ons, providing complete industrial AM solu ons comprising of reliable hardware, produc vity so ware, quality materials, and excellence in customer support. With our solu ons based on Fused Filament Fabrica on (FFF) being by far the most widely used AM technology, we are in the sweet spot of industrial, automo ve, and aerospace clients seeking fast ROIs not only for small parts but also for large, complex func onal part produc on.”
Dr. Reinhard Festag, Managing Director and CFO of BigRep GmbH adds: “At the same me, we operate within a very fragmented market o ering signi cant poten al for consolida on. By unifying under‐cri cal players with outstanding technologies, we aim to broaden our comprehensive solu on o ering and leverage economies of scale‐ to bene t our customers. As a fast growing, global player, we plan to form a European leader in AM technology via a buy and build approach, expanding our por olio, market reach, and talents working at BigRep. The signing with SMG marks a signi cant next step on this journey.”
In view of the market drivers described and the further strengthening of the company’s technology towards intelligent open AM solu ons, management expects BigRep to be able to con nue its growth path, driven both organically and inorganically to form a new champion, “Made in Europe”.
Just recently BigRep has acquired HAGE3D GmbH (“HAGE3D”) and thus strengthens its prominent posi on in the German‐speaking, industrial AM sector. With this rst step, BigRep will realize far‐ reaching synergies by scaling its full spectrum of low‐ to high‐temperature FFF solu ons on its global growth pla orm, including a strong brand, an extensive reseller and support network, as well as its scalable premium contract manufacturer supply chain. With a combined global team of now over 100 passionate 3D‐prin ng experts, ve strategically located applica on centers around the world, and an installed base of more than 1,000 large‐scale industrial FFF printers in all relevant industrial sectors, BigRep is striving to push the limits of FFF and make its broad industrial customer base more successful.



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