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Twenty-year anniversary and early retirement

DCOS was founded 2004 by four partners with a passion for automation and a strong belief that automation for printing presses can be done much less complex, more sophisticated, more efficient and more cost effective. For the most part, what was available on the market at that time was based on older concepts & technologies, proprietary components and this industry could not keep up with other less conservative industries.

Our focus on keeping things simple, efficient and user friendly has always been our recognition, and this is still the same today. We believe that our technical solutions and innovations has helped transforming and modernizing our industry, over the years we have been first on the market with several solutions that still today are unique and best sellers.
In 2024 we are active in the Newspaper, Commercial and Packaging segments of our industry and we are in the fortunate and unique situation to grow in all three segments, annually about 15% over the last 6 years. This gives us the strength to keep inventing new solutions for our customer to maintain our position as the leading retrofit provider.
Even though our focus has always been on the future, remembering the past and where we came from is always of importance. As a tribute to our first 20-years we have agreed to its time for some change. Change is a necessary for every organization, relationship or human to stay relevant, hungry and focused.
Now is the time for one of our most visual identifiers to retire. So, after being our flag on over 500 drive, controls and Inspection system installations in 34 countries, in 7 continents, our original DCOS logotype will retire.
We proudly present the successor which is loaded with the same values that has taken us to where we are today, but a more modern, simplified and distinct message; “we are ready for twenty more years”.
Besides our capacity as innovator and automation solution provider we are also known for not missing an opportunity to celebrate when the time is right, and now it is.
The whole DCOS family gathered in Copenhagen this past weekend to celebrate our anniversary, get the first glance of the new logotype and to spend time with the extended family from around the world.
A fantastic and memorable weekend, our team is outstanding.


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