New Managing Director at Filmolux Germany

From September, Lars Chabalowitz will take over the management of Filmolux Deutschland GmbH, the German sales subsidiary of Neschen Coating GmbH.


The Filmolux trading companies are regionally specialised subsidiaries of Neschen Coating GmbH and are already represented in Germany, France, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland and Austria. They distribute both Neschen Coating GmbH products from the book protection and repair portfolio and graphic media as well as supplementary products from well-known manufacturers.
Mr. Chabalowitz, who will assume the position as Managing Director of the German subsidiary on 2 September, was most recently Key Account Manager at the Koehler Paper Group and responsible for the Decor Paper Division. He gained many years of industry expertise at Bausch Linnemann GmbH / Surteco GmbH, a manufacturer of surface materials based on paper and plastics, as head of production, digital printing development, online marketing and as sales manager of the TECOSMART business unit. In addition to his large network, Mr. Chabalowitz can thus also draw on sound knowledge in the field of print media.
"Lars Chabalowitz's objective is to continue the positive development of Filmolux Deutschland GmbH and to further strengthen the strategic orientation of the Neschen trading subsidiary," says Kai Tittgemeyer, Managing Director of Neschen Coating GmbH.