Asian Biodegradable Plastics Market to Account for 32.3% Global Biodegradable Plastics Demand in 2018 Says a New Research Report

Global and China Biodegradable Plastics Market 2014-2018 Report says though Europe and North America dominate demand of biodegradable plastics worldwide, in recent years the Asian market has generated fast-growing demand, which is expected to represent 32.3% in 2018.

With 70% of biodegradable plastics used in packaging industry, this segment dominates the global biodegradable plastics market usage. In recent years, with the continued promotion of the low-carbon economy, the global biodegradable plastics market output has maintained a high growth rate, attaining about 668 kilotons in 2014. All over the world, only plastarch material (PSM), polylactic acid (PLA), polybutylene succinate (PBS), etc. have realized industrial production. In 2014, PSM, PLA and PBS accounted for 41%, 24% and 21% of the world's total output, respectively.

This 2015 market research titled Global and China Biodegradable Plastics Industry Report, 2014-2018 provides data and information on supply and demand, product mix, regional structure, competition pattern, development trends of global biodegradable plastics market; supply and demand, competition pattern, development trends of Chinese biodegradable plastics market; development status and competition pattern of biodegradable plastic product segments such as PSM, PLA, PHA, PBS as well as operation, biodegradable plastics business, prospects, etc. of 25 domestic and foreign biodegradable plastics manufacturers.

Companies active in biodegradable plastics market and profiled in this research include BASF, NatureWorks, Novamont, DuPont, Mitsubishi Chemical, Showa Denko, Corbion, Kingfa Sci & Tech, Yifan Xinfu Pharmaceutical, Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry, Wuhan Huali Environment Technology and Anqing Hexing Chemical. Other players mentioned in this biodegradable plastics market report include Zhejiang Hisun Biomaterials Co., Ltd., Ningbo Tianan Biologic Material Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Tianhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., Henan Yongle Biological Engineering Co., Ltd., Maanshan Tong-Jie-Liang Biomaterials Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Wafa Ecosystem Science & Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian Beststarch Biodegradable Material Co., Ltd., Guangdong Shangjiu Biodegradable Plastics Co., Ltd., Shandong Fuwin New Material Co., Ltd., Tianjin Danhai Co., Ltd., Tianjin GreenBio Materials Co., Ltd., Shenzhen BrightChina Industrial Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Blue Ridge Tunhe Chemical Industry Joint Stock Co., Ltd.
Global biodegradable plastics market enterprises are mainly from Europe, America and Japan, such as Europe-based BASF, Novamont and Corbion, America-based NatureWorks and Metabolix, Japan-based Mitsubishi Chemical and Showa Denko. By capacity, BASF and NatureWorks top the list with respective capacities of 140 kt/a PBS and 140 kt/a PLA.

At present, Chinese biodegradable plastics market is witnessing oversupply, most manufacturers rely on exports, and the domestic demand stays at a low level. However, as the government pays more attention to energy waste and environmental protection, biodegradable plastics market policies are expected to be launched soon, thus stimulating China's demand for biodegradable plastics swiftly. In 2014, China's biodegradable plastics market capacity reached around 380 kilotons, mainly serving packaging film, agricultural film, household plastics and other fields. In 2014, Chinese biodegradable plastics market manufacturers included Wuhan Huali Environment Technology, Kingfa Sci & Tech, Tianjin Danhai, Shandong Fuwin, Shenzhen Rainbow Fine Chemical Industry, etc. The capacity of these five companies accounted for about 40% of the national total capacity.