Skin tight digital innovation shaped to your needs

Skin tight digitally printed and cut technical textile Every once in a while I get excited about a new technology that is original, unique and innovative.

Something you can immediately see the value of.

Years ago tailored garments and suits were the sole preserve of the rich, professional classes. Through technology we are seeing a revolution that is enabling all of us to get customised clothing made to fit.

EFE-0231-FESPA-630x120 v2

And there isn't a measuring tape, chalk or any embarrassing questions about which way you dress.

The sports sector will benefit from an innovation made by Multiplot, by two ex-University friends Joe Rees and Andreas xxxx.

Combining state of the art software and scanning technology, a technical textile is created and digitally cut to fit the exact contours of a persons body. This is naturally appealing for anybody, not least those active people who may run, cycle, play sports of one kind or another, and for professional sports people it is likely to make a comfort and performance enhancement.

You simply put on a skin tight garment, stand in the scanning machine, turn one way, then another, its over in 10 seconds, then the image is emailed to you within 5 minutes. The design is your choice, it is digitally printed conventionally on digital textile printing technology. Then it is cut to fit you, well, like a glove.

Scanning software quickly produces accurate dimension readingSo, another industrially inspired print related technology innovation.

It is already an active technology in bike shops in Germany. And surely it is only a matter of time before it is a feature of every sport shop and part of Nike's, Adidas, Puma etc product portfolio.