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Smart screen printing stays strong in industrial print

Not a lot seems to be written about it in terms of excitement about screen printing. And that's a shame, because the sector is brimming with exciting developments.

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And I guess it is easy to understand why. In in the graphic sector, screen printing is almost seen as an oversight. Despite offering amazing quality of print, screen printing is now regarded in this sector as a remnant of the past as it has been firmly dislodged by the new process of choice, digital inkjet.

But digital is not impacting upon smart screen industrial print. By far the most advanced process, screen printing within the manufacturing sector is still the most robust printing technique and achieves the best and most durable finishes. Take smart screen printing within consumer electronics. It is hard to see a time where screen printing will not be the process of choice for such high quality finish that is also accompanied by speed and efficiency.

As Friedrich Goldner from Marabu explains, "Screen printing is the best method of printing straight lines and edges, critical when evaluating image quality but particularly so while striving to minimise resistance (Ohms) in conductive layers. The quality standards are incredibly high and the print is required to achieve an accuracy within a Nano-distance on millions of parts at fast output."

For more information on smart screen industrial screen printing view our earlier blog http://bit.ly/16L2nKm

When discussing business with some of the leading screen printing brands recently, it is clear that 80-90% of their businesses are now shifted towards industrial screen printing because this sector offers more potential for growth.

Digital technology is still finding its role in some areas but I personally believe that we will see a time where digital co-habits with screen printing by adding value and giving complimentary performance, but not replacing it entirely.

With this in mind, it is hardly surprising to see so many leading screen printing manufacturing companies booking their space at InPrint 2014. The confidence in which the screen sector has in the process of screen printing is very significant.

The reason that screen printing is staying strong in terms of confidence is because the dynamics and requirements for industrial print are somewhat higher to that of standard poster printing. Within the retail sector a point of sale graphic is likely to be changed very quickly, so quality of reproduction is not the principle value of the item. But flexibility is. The difference with an array of applications for Smart Screen Printing is that quality and speed are most certainly the principle concerns of the print buyer. The argument for flexibility within functional printing is not paramount.

"We are delighted to be able to truly represent the screen printing market with a show focused on an area that is growing and where the processes are robust" says Frazer Chesterman. "It is clear to us that for years it has been a neglected process by other show organisers, despite the fact it provides such astonishing performance for manufacturing print. No other show in Europe in 2014 will be showcasing the opportunities for screen print manufacturers to highlight the innovation and value of the technology for manufacturing, so InPrint is the new home for Industrial Screen Print!"

There are exciting times ahead for screen printing for industrial print and InPrint is the show to see it in action.


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