50 million printed sheets in 9 months!

A dramatic increase in production capacity at Gabwoo MoonHwaSa, a South Korean printer, after the installation of their new ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION

Established in 1993, Gabwoo MoonHwaSa is a prestigious publishing printer in South Korea who specialize in magazines and childrens' books.
The company provides one-stop services ranging from design and printing to delivery, paying particular attention to high print quality and efficiency.
Gabwoo MoonHwaSa has passed its G7 Professional Certification, G7 Master Quality Certification and ISO 14001 Certification, and awarded the Prime Minister Award for CTP Output System in 2007.
Currently the company has four Manroland Sheetfed presses – 2 ROLAND 705 3B presses, a ROLAND 710 3B P (DirectDrive) and a ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION, which was installed in 2018.
“Thanks to Manroland’s advanced printing technology and strong service support, our company has maintained a rapid growth momentum,” says the company's CEO, Mr. SoonKwan Jeon.
With an annual turnover of 50 million euros for its printing business and 80 million euros for its paper business, the company is expanding its business scope to the packaging printing sector by introduction of their a new award-winning ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION purchased last year.
“We are extremely satisfied with the amazing performance of this machine,” Mr. SoonKwan Jeon says. “Our ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION has already printed 50 million sheets just in 9 months.”
The ROLAND 705 3B EVOLUTION installed at GabWoo has almost 50 million impression number in 9 months and the impression number has been increased to 62 million / 12 months.
The significant increase in productivity has laid a solid foundation for the company to keep staying ahead in the printing market including packaging printing, where it is a newcomer.
“Honestly, we could not afford any breakdowns of the machines, as we always have tight schedule with our customers,” the company’s CEO says.
Hence, the company attaches great importance to the maintenance of the presses with Manroland Sheetfed’s ProServ Comfort - the “comfort package” for the machines which has access to the service network and Manroland TeleSupport Center specialists.
“Our printing machines are always kept in very good condition thanks to ProServ Comfort. Manroland technicians visit our factory almost every day for maintenance to ensure our presses running smoothly in the best condition.”
Mr. HyungJoon Ahn, Managing Director of Manroland Korea, says: “From the beginning, we were fully aware that Gabwoo are particulalry concerned about machine breakdowns. In order to prevent any critical failure, we provide them with our maintenance service, Proserv Comfort. If machine failure occurs, our technicians and spare parts can arrive at Gabwoo’s plant within one hour. So Gabwoo are assured of continuous production and meeting their schedule.”