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Komori Concept: Connected Automation at Print China

Printing consists of many processes due to its historical background of specialization. Today, automation, labor saving, and robotics have made it possible to improve the productivity of each process. However, individual production processes are managed by analog means, so each process is fragmented.

By connecting the entire production process through digitalization, it is possible to improve production efficiency, visualize costs, and increase profitability. In this way, creating production innovation through digital transformation at the printing site is the Connected Automation way of thinking.

With KP-Connect at the core, Komori has proposed improving the performance of each piece of equipment and maximizing productivity by optimizing the entire process through connecting the MIS (management information system) with prepress, press, and postpress equipment.
At Print China 2023, Komori will set up a Smart Factory in the booth and demonstrate both commercial and package printing. Please take a look at the integrated production with all processes seamlessly connected and overall process productivity maximized. In addition, solutions that meet the needs of the Chinese market will be displayed in an easy to understand manner.
Package Solutions
For the first time in China, Komori will highlight high productivity by exhibiting the Lithrone G44 advance, a unique 44-inch printing press (33" x 44" sheet size). Operability and production speed are very similar to that of the more common 40-inch sized machine, but because the sheet size is approximately 20% larger, more impositions are possible. This unique press is attracting attention as a strategic machine for improving productivity in the package printing market. During the printing demonstration, we will introduce Komori’s Smart Color printing technology that reproduces a wide color gamut and includes many special colors, by using only the separations of the six colors of CMYK + orange and green. Since many special colors can be created on the press using separations, many ink color unit changes can be eliminated, significantly reducing makeready time, reducing material waste, improving efficiency, improving overall productivity and helping to address environmental issues. In addition, many high-value-added print samples will be on display, showing the additional benefit of the double coater configuration.
Commercial Solutions
Possessing an overwhelming superiority in double-sided, one-pass printing and now being delivered worldwide, the Lithrone GX40RP advance will this time perform a printing demonstration using oil-based ink. Expect high-speed production printing of booklets and quick job changeovers. By linkage from printing to folding, high-speed folding by the MBO series and unmanned palletizing by the MBO CoBo-Stack will be shown. Experience the future image of the automated printing factory through demonstrations.
Flexible press for light and heavy stock
Komori Nantong (KNT), Komori’s manufacturing facility in China, will exhibit and hold demonstrations of the Lithrone A37. In response to customer requests to print on heavy stock, Komori has evolved the A37 into a machine that can print on both thin and thick paper. In the demonstration, the press will be connected to KP-Connect to perform cardboard printing for package printing. Please experience the capabilities of the Lithrone A37, which can handle a wide range of jobs from thin paper to thick paper with high quality.
Exhibition corner
The Sheetfed Offset Exhibition Corner features a special machine configuration specialized for high-end packaging with value-added printing. The Digital Printing Exhibition Corner features a sample display of the Impremia NS40, the pinnacle digital printing system made possible only by Komori, which can be called “digital offset” printing, along with the business model of the first overseas machine for the Artron Art Group with videos. We will also exhibit the business model of the Impremia IS29s, B2-size digital printing system. At the KP-Connect Corner, the core of Connected Automation, we will introduce the role of KP-Connect in promoting digital transformation in the printing site with a short seminar. In addition, we will introduce various businesses of the Komori Group, such as SDG initiatives, Komori-Kare, the Currency printing business, MBO postpress, the printed electronics (PE) business, and also show many print samples.
Komori will celebrate its 100th anniversary in October this year. At Print China 2023, to commemorate our 100th anniversary, we have prepared a project to convey our gratitude to everyone who has supported us thus far as well as those who will partner with Komori in the future.
The Komori booth at Print China 2023 will be a space full of highlights that embody digital transformation by organically connecting equipment and processes. As we celebrate our 100th anniversary, we hope that you will look forward to Komori’s solutions, which will continue to vigorously support and bring excitement to society based on print technology.

■ Exhibit Content
KP-Connect Pro

KP-Connect software allows for comprehensive scheduling, progress and results management for all printing processes in the printing factory. KP-Connect can connect not only printing machines but also MIS (core systems), RIP and postpress machines from various manufacturers, improving operations and increasing productivity by automating overall workflow and sharing information in real time. KP-Connect is designed with an open platform concept, and by releasing the API in the future, it will be possible to connect devices in a wider range of fields. At the venue, we will connect the offset presses and postpress processing equipment, build a Smart Factory in the Komori booth in which all processes are digitalized, and introduce various process management functions that support digital transformation in the printing factory.
KP-Connect is software that digitalizes the analog process management of printing companies and supports DX/Smart Factories at printing companies.
Visualization — A production management system that enables real-time management of schedules, progress, and performance of all processes in the printing factory.
・ It is possible to connect not only with Komori printing presses and processing machines but also machines from various manufacturers.
・ Digitalizes daily reports for all work processes in the printing factory.
・ Efficient scheduling and progress management are possible through process management using the all-process scheduler.
・ Onsite operators can understand the progress of the previous process and perform efficient setup.
・ Detailed operation analysis can be performed on the cloud dashboard, contributing to improved productivity.
・ Job data and results information can be flexibly linked with MIS (core system).
Automation — Automates prepress, press, and postpress processes to create a Smart Factory.
・ It is possible to create a job in the RIP from the printing schedule information, complete the RIP process, and output the printing plate at the required timing.
・ Automatically set job data on the printing press in the optimal order, contributing to reduced operator load and improved productivity.
・ Production can be maximized in combination with the Autopilot function of a Komori offset printing press.
・ Job distribution to cutters and folders through JDF linkage and automatic presetting are possible.
■KP-Connect Corner
In the KP-Connect Corner, which embodies the exhibition concept of Connected Automation, visitors can actually confirm the performance of KP-Connect and experience the functions that support DX in printing plants. Komori will propose the best methods from a broad variety of customer cases, such as successful DX by digitalizing process management. If you have questions about DX in printing, please come in for a consultation. Furthermore, in this corner we will hold a seminar to explain each KP-Connect function and method of use in an easy-to-understand manner.

LITHRONE G44 advance
44” Offset Printing Press
Lithrone G44 advance: Overwhelming production efficiency brought about by a unique format size.
The Lithrone G44 advance offers a unique maximum sheet size of 840 x 1,150 mm (33" x 44"), perfect for high production of strategic sizes in the packaging market. The Lithrone G44 advance offers similar operability to that of a traditional 40-inch press as well as the ability to create more efficient impositions from the larger sheet size, dramatically improving productivity. Compared to a large format machine, it is easier to handle the sheets and the running cost is reduced. The powerful paper feed and delivery of the Lithrone G44 advance provide sustained, stable, high-speed production on thin paper, such as for large B-size publications, as well as board stock production for multi-imposition package printing, making it a powerful and highly versatile printing machine.
・Smart Color technology
Changing colors for special color inks is a major source of production bottlenecks. Smart Color technology from Komori is a revolutionary solution capable of covering a wide color gamut without special color ink. This technology uses six colors of ink (CMYK + orange and green) to reproduce the larger color gamut by multiplying halftone dots. Komori’s high quality presses excel with this process which is dependent on a high level of dot reproduction accuracy. In package printing, where multi-imposition work is frequent, the unique Komorimatic dampening system prevents emulsification, a major cause of color variation, by controlling a thin film of water on the plate accurately in both the vertical and horizontal directions. Smart Color will be an innovation that revolutionizes productivity for package printing by eliminating color changes at makeready.
・Automatic configuration and execution of jobs through linking of KP-Connect Pro and KHS-AI
・Special color reproduction with halftone dot printing that relies on Smart Color technology
40" Dedicated Perfecting Offset Printing Press
The Lithrone GX40RP advance: Unmatched productivity for double-sided, one-pass printing
Through Komori’s commitment to Connected Automation, the Lithrone GX40RP advance provides an unmatched productivity and cost saving solution for dedicated two-sided printing. The RP press achieves two-sided printing without flipping the sheet like traditional convertible perfectors, achieving paper savings and productivity increases. Since two-sided printing is achieved on the RP press using the same sheet sizes as straight presses and can be provided with Komori’s world-class automation features, it delivers better collaboration and optimization between processes for world class ROI.
The key feature of the Lithrone GX40RP advance is that it provides two-sided printing with a single-sided gripper, improving registration, making better use of the image area, stabilizing the sheet transfer and reducing marking. This benefit is extremely noticeable when printing on either light or heavy stocks. A demonstration of high-speed printing on thin paper using oil-based ink will be presented this time. A notable application is the production of trading cards, which are popular all over the world. Even with firm stock, marking is less likely to occur, and in combination with various automated systems, more stable quality and higher productivity can be achieved. In addition to the print samples from the press in the booth, trading card print samples will be displayed at the venue.
・A-APC (Asynchronous Automatic Plate Changing System)
Each unit is equipped with a plate changing-dedicated motor, allowing plates to be changed simultaneously for all colors. With the A-APC, plate changing can be completed in 1 minute 25 seconds regardless of how many plates are changed. This labor-saving design greatly reduces makeready time, becoming more effective as the number of plates increases.
・Automatic distribution of job data by KP-Connect Pro simplifies operation
・Uses processless printing plates. Oil-based high-speed double-sided conventional printing without gripper change
・Links with MBO Series high-speed folding machine (signature linking through KP-Connect Pro)
・Changeover by plate changing with A-APC
37” Offset Printing Press
This time, we take on the challenge of printing on thick paper. The power to meet many different needs with stable high quality.
The Lithrone A37 is a high-performance press that inherits the basic performance of the Lithrone Series machines. In addition, being more compact and lighter than a 40-inch press means lower initial cost and lower life-cycle cost due to reduced power and materials costs. A compact press that can produce A1-size products, the Lithrone A37 offers a 640 x 940 mm (25" x 37") maximum sheet size that can accommodate a wide range of printing needs. Since color management can be implemented by including a CMS color bar on sheets even with 8-up A4 impositions, this machine is ideal for producing high page count products with high print quality. Capable of printing sheets up to 37 inches in width, this press has the power to address the full span of requirements in the publishing and commercial printing segments. Perfect for printing items in the international standard A1 poster size, plus total flexibility in layout criteria such as bindery register marks. The 13,000 sheets per hour maximum printing speed is just right for regular operation.
Moreover, this press offers a sheet thickness range of 0.04–0.6 mm and all the performance demanded for success with short- and medium-run work. The strategic machine of the Komori Nantong Factory.
A thick paper specification has been added as a new option for this press to meet the frequently changing printing needs of the Chinese market. This broadens the range of work that printing companies can handle while holding down costs.
Demonstration contents
・Wide range of specifications for both thin and thick paper
・Made in Komori Nantong Factory, which inherits Komori’s Tsukuba quality
MBO Series
Combi Folder
A folder that achieves high folding accuracy with high operating speed and robust structure.
The MBO Series is a folder capable of producing medium to large lot products and complex signatures at high precision and performance. The folder can be configured with a variety of feeding solutions depending upon the market application: a pile feeder for small lots, a pallet feeder for direct from press environments, or a continuous round feeder for variable work.
MBO Postpress Solutions GmbH has joined the Komori Group, allowing for postpress automation. Linking the finishing process with KP-Connect Pro through the MBO Datamanager 4.0 Interface allows for high level data analysis and optimization. One of MBO’s most valuable modules is the CoBo-Stack automatic palletizing robot, which removes labor from the folder area while allowing higher productivity.
・MBO CoBo-Stack collaborative robot
A labor reduction module, the robot arm automatically palletizes stacks of signatures directly from the stacker.
・16-page folding of books and images printed on the Lithrone GX40RP advance
・Progress management up to postpress processing using KP-Connect and Datamanager 4.0
・Automatic pallet loading using MBO CoBo-Stack
Digital Solutions
In this exhibition, demonstrations of the Impremia NS40 will be carried out virtually using video. Experience Komori’s latest digital solutions, the Impremia NS40 and the Impremia IS29s in the digital corner.
Impremia NS40
40-inch Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System
A new B1-size digital press to pioneer new business fields utilizing Komori’s full range of offset technologies.
Introducing a new digital press, with the impressive productivity and profitability needed to expand customers’ businesses by meeting growing demand for short and medium runs of many different printed items and for immediate turnaround on jobs such as packages, displays and POPs. Supported by Komori’s previously amassed technologies, and with unique designs such as use of image transfer blankets, the press achieves B1 print speeds of 6,500 sph. As a “digital offset” press, the NS40 is the peak of digital presses and is made possible only by Komori.
Demonstration contents (virtual format)
・Variable printing of large photographs with a wide RGB color gamut that makes the most of the B1 size printing area
・ Special color package printing using 7C (CMYK + orange, green, blue violet)
Downtime between special color jobs is minimized by minimizing printing waste and eliminating the need for color changes that is possible due to digital.
Impremia IS29s
29-inch Sheetfed UV Inkjet Digital Printing System
Quality, reliability and stability advanced digital printing system
The Impremia IS29 professional-spec UV inkjet digital printing system has evolved once more — now introducing the advanced Impremia IS29s. In addition to the full range of highly-received basic features — such as suitability with a wide range of printing stocks and sheet thicknesses, stable high print quality thanks to its superior tone reproduction and register accuracy, and instant curing/one-pass double-sided printing for immediate finishing — a variety of options to further increase usability and create added value is also available. The Impremia IS29s pushes the boundaries of digital printing, meeting the needs of not only commercial printing, where short runs of many different printed products and quick turnaround are required, but also those of package printing, with increased productivity and efficiency.
・HD mode (option)
HD mode is a new function that alleviates the graininess of human skin and metallic patterns.
Scodix Ultra 1000
Digital Enhancement Press
Scodix, the pioneer and leading provider of digital print enhancement presses in Graphic Arts, brings converters and PSPs (print service providers) in commercial print, web-to-print, publishing, folding carton, photo, tags, trade finishers and more, real and measurable added value to products they deliver to their customers. The company’s digital enhancement presses in conjunction with Scodix applications offer unmatched, high-quality enhancement capabilities that make prints stand out from the rest while significantly increasing converters and PSPs profits.
■Corner Displays
Each corner will introduce a wide variety of Komori solutions. In addition to printing presses, we will exhibit a large number of products and print samples from each business in the Komori Group, such as SDG initiatives, KP-Connect, and the maintenance service corner as well as the Currency printing business, MBO, and printed electronics (PE) business.
・KP-Connect Corner
You can actually handle the KP-Connect and experience the functions that support DX of the printing factory. We will propose the optimal method based on various customer cases, such as successful DX by digitalizing process management. The KP-Connect seminar will also be held in this corner.
・Sheetfed Offset Press Corner
We will exhibit special machine configurations and the latest specifications that focus on high-end packaging for card printing and value-added printing, including images and various print samples. We will also introduce many examples of customer introductions of the latest model advance series presses.
・Digital Corner
Take a look at the video of a special demonstration and the latest information on the Impremia NS40. We will exhibit the business model and samples of the first Impremia NS40 in operation overseas. For the Impremia IS29s, we will introduce the new HD mode functions.
・Komori Nantong Corner
We will introduce the Komori Nantong Factory’s production system that inherits Tsukuba’s quality and technology as well as the Lithrone A37 and Perfector 40 manufactured at the Komori Nantong Factory.
・Komori-Kare Corner
We will introduce solutions that focus on the environmental friendliness of our printing factories and cost reduction. In addition, we will exhibit an actual e-Mist static suppressor, which eliminates static electricity problems and increases production efficiency.
・SDGs Corner
Regarding the SDGs that now must be taken up worldwide, Komori's initiatives and the SDGs that customers can achieve by using Komori products will be introduced on a panel.
・Currency Printing, Web Offset・Komori-Chambon, MBO, SERIA Corner
Each business of the Komori Group will be introduced on panels. In addition to printing businesses such as the securities printing business and web offset presses, take a look at the initiatives of folder maker MBO, which joined the Group in 2020, and SERIA Corporation, which is responsible for the printed electronics (PE) business, the technology of the future.



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