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TE Connectivity’s Thermal Transfer Ribbons designed for demanding, harsh environments

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity and sensors, offers new RIB-1976 & RIB-1982 Thermal Transfer (TT) ribbons. Engineered to enhance print quality, like all our Thermal Transfer Ribbons these are designed to offer flexibility and optimal print performance for identification products installed in harsh, aggressive environments.

TE’s new range of RIB-1976 & RIB-1982 Ribbons are constructed from a Resin base to give a high level of print permanence. RIB-1976 with black ink is approved for printing on UV-SCE sleeves and Panel Labels (for superior print performance), White RIB-1976 ribbon is approved for printing on colored & black HPR105 labels. RIB-1982 ribbon has black ink and is an additional ribbon approved for use with D-SCE & D-CT product to provide optimal fluid resistance. Using the correct Ribbon is a fundamental part of the final identification solution.

Not all ribbons are the same! Thermal Transfer Ribbons differ depending on the application surface it must adhere to. Ribbons have three general constructions:

Wax – Generally a lowest cost ribbon, lowest resistance to mechanical abrasion and chemicals. Commonly used for box labels with short life expectancy.
Wax/Resin – A hybrid mix of Wax and synthetic Resins, higher resistance to mechanical abrasion and chemicals. Typically used to print on surfaces that are not perfectly smooth
Resin – Constructed with more layers and generally a higher cost. These give the highest level of print permanence against mechanical abrasion and aggressive chemicals.

“Every TT ribbon recommended by TE has undergone extensive testing” says Tom Bartlett, product specialist, TE Connectivity. “This ensures the correct level of print permanence for a variety of product types, environments and conditions. With our Products, Hardware, Software, Ribbons and technical support, we offer a complete identification solution for all of our customers.”

Ribbon recommendation for identification products can be found in the Printer Product Ribbon Matrix (TE document 411-121005). This provides details of the printable product, recommended ribbon and printer combination. For details on individual Thermal Transfer ribbons referred to in the Ribbon Matrix please consult TTDS-257 document.

Top Tip from Product Engineer Ian Ridgeway “If you are not sure which side of your ribbon is the ink side, use some adhesive tape or a label to be certain. Simply press the adhesive tape or label onto the ribbon surface. If that side is the ink side, the adhesive of the label or tape will be left with ink on it.”



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