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Multitalent in precise parts handling

Quantitatively and qualitatively optimised conveying behaviour of a large variety of parts combined with intelligent control also copes with the complex requirements of the day after tomorrow. Sustainable project planning with fast configuration instead of programming.

Increasing digitalisation and higher demands in the performance of automation components and modules require the best possible range of functions for optimum flexibility. Since February 2020, Cretec GmbH has taken over the general agency for the distribution of the FlexiBowl parts feeding system from the Italian company ARS in Germany.
In combination of different robots/robots and with a powerful vision system, FlexiBowl can be used to sustainably design many complex tasks with frequent product changes and high flexibility. A simple and reliable turnkey system solution for clean as well as dirty environments and for all industries. The product family of parts feeding units ensures reliable handling of even sensitive components in sizes from 1 to 250 mm and weights from 1 to 250 grams. One or two motorized magazines deliver the parts precisely to the rotating round jogging unit. Here, even sensitive components are reliably separated and an air blower ensures a safe distance between the parts and the edge.
The rotating disc is available in different colours, textures and degrees of surface adhesion. Integrated is the background or top light illumination with infrared, red or options of white. Another option is the installation of Cretec developed LED boards with any geometric arrangement. They can be individually controlled either as continuous light or flash light and offer the entire RGB spectrum. The integrated vision system provides precise part and position data regarding geometry, surface properties, material properties and weight for a secure grip with the robot. All this in a slim design with simple intuitive programming for quality control with vision system and for precision assembly processes.
Cretec GmbH delivers this modular system solution also integrated into its application-specific complete solutions of its QBIC system. A new generation of mobile, fully automatic work platforms with cobots or nimble robots. Different modules, each with a wide range of capabilities, are merged in control, communication and evaluation to an economically attractive fully automatic and autonomous system in a minimum of space. These very flexible systems fit through any office door.



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