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There are many good print heads in the market, the service makes the difference.

Seiko Instruments GmbH expands its laboratory and integrates a platform for knowledge exchange.

In order to be able to support our European customers directly and promptly in developing their printing solutions for a wide range of applications, we had already established a technical laboratory in our Paris office in March 2017.

Today, just about 3 years later, our laboratory has already become too small to be able to continuously support our customers to the extent we desire.
This shows how great the demand for prompt, individual service under expert guidance is. On one hand, this has led us to expand our laboratory, but on the other hand, the idea of creating a platform for communication has matured in us.
A platform that will now enable us to hold training courses and seminars; a meeting place for the exchange of knowledge.
Directly connected to our parent company, near Frankfurt am Main, our new service center now offers in an area of around 250 sqm both a modern well-equipped laboratory but also a training room for up to 30 persons.
In the laboratory, a drop analyser, equipped with a stroboscope and a camera with a resolution of 1292 x 964 pixels, enables the recording of single drops in flight. The camera is calibrated with an accuracy of 1 micrometer.
Based on the measurements of drop velocity, drop volume, drop shape, ligament length and the flight path itself, as well as the determination of the quantity and the distribution of the satellite droplets, the waveforms can now be adjusted in a targeted manner.
Optimally adapted oscillation pulses of the waveform generator generate printing results that are finely tuned to individual requirements.
Test prints on a roll printer and a linear printing unit confirm drop accuracy and print stability.
The definition of an optimal drop formation is based on the target speed of 7m/sec @ a print gap of 3mm from the nozzle surface, a stable flight and the reduction of satellite drops.
Fully certified by the Japanese parent company, we continuously test the compatibility of the ink creations with our print heads in cooperation with the ink manufacturers.
Ovens are used to simulate the aging process of the materials, which are then observed under the microscope for any relative deformation and with a high-precision weighing scale we can check if there is a weight loss or weight gain ot the test materials.
Apart from the laboratory activities, our technical team also assists our customers in the development of peripheral components for the production of complete inkjet printing systems and also provides support for initial installations on site.
The highest level of expertise in the latest printing technologies enables us to offer a wide range of customer-specific solutions.
In addition to the ISO 9001 certification, the laboratory will also be certified by TÜV according to the international environmental management standard ISO 14001.
This standard sets out globally recognised requirements for an environmental management system and includes numerous other standards, such as those relating to life cycle assessments, environmental performance indicators and many more.
And our new training room?
Digital inkjet is relatively new in the markets, with viewer or no experience in the different applications. Thereby making it necessary to discuss and develope new ideas with a complete open mind set, which Seiko would like to bring on the table in the new training center.
Moreover the reliable technical service and the associated constant support we provide to our customers has been one of our most important product features and is something we have always been comitted to.
Especially such a technically complex subject as digital printing requires an interlocking of all relevant components and paramenters like the gear wheels of a clockwork.
The best printing results can only be achieved if problem solutions are viewed holistically, objectively and purposefully, based on a sincere cooperation.
We would like to offer the possibility for this joint work in our company. Gladly offering the required infracture for a technical cooperation with the various members of a project.
We are looking forward to welcoming you personally from 3.8.2020 on and working with you together in developing the future of printing.



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