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100% absolute colour measurement for printed products

Shorten set-up times and reduce material consumption
Colours define the face of a brand to a large extent. Global brand owners therefore only allow very low colour tolerances. ColorSTAR, a new module of the 100 % print inspection system PrintSTAR from ISRA VISION, enables perfect color measurement - anytime and anywhere and thus ensures that color specifications are met. The printers benefit from error-free and smooth production and can win new customers.

In the packaging sector, printing with high color consistency is an essential quality criterion: Flexible packaging, personal care products, labels, hygiene films, aluminium packaging for pharmaceuticals and food, liquid packaging, security printing and much more are printed with brand messages or even safety instructions. A brand is determined not least by the colours used. Therefore, only very small colour tolerances are allowed for global brands. The printers need a reliable tool to check the colour consistency during production and within the set-up time.
The ColorSTAR module provides the PrintSTAR inspection system with absolute color measurement data. This enables continuous monitoring of the color accuracy of printed products on printing presses without interruptions. Color line cameras combined with a spectrophotometer enable constant measurement and monitoring of absolute color values (L*a*b*) and density. The measurements can be carried out at any point in the process at any time and repeatedly. Right from the start of printing, the measured colour values are compared with the target values. The operator can adjust the color without having to stop the press. The real-time measurements provided by ISRA technology reduce setup times by up to 60 %. Material consumption is also reduced. The system guarantees color consistency throughout the entire print batch according to the specifications of the brand owners. Manual control is no longer necessary.
Color deviations are avoided over the entire web width and customer expectations are met. Differences that reach a continuously adjustable threshold trigger an alarm or other action. Rejects and waste due to color differences are a thing of the past. The system thus makes an important contribution to sustainable production.
The solution is suitable for all - even transparent - substrates and can be used at all printing speeds. The measuring positions are automatically and continuously tracked for all materials, even thin and stretchy ones, without additional equipment. Colour consistency must be documented for brand owners. ColorSTAR therefore ensures a complete and automatic documentation of each roll. This enables efficient process and quality control. Deviations between target and measured values are recorded and displayed in an L*a*b* diagram.
A special feature is also the scalability. The printers use the solution that is exactly tailored to their requirements. The PrintSTAR ColorWATCH option is the perfect entry-level solution for color matching with a master. Later - as requirements grow - an upgrade to the ColorSTAR module for absolute color measurement can be implemented at any time. Thanks to inline color measurement and well documented color consistency, printers can win new customers in the demanding packaging sector.


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