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Arkema exhibits its synthetic additives and intermediates at the CPhI 2014 trade fair

The intermediate products of Arkema are used in many processes in the chemical industry: solvents, diluents, thickeners, reagents, synthesis intermediates, acid scavengers, neutralizing agents and reaction initiators. Its range of hydrazine derivatives, amines, oxygenated solvents and other synthetic intermediates based on sulphur chemistry (e.g. methane sulfonic acid, thioacetic acid) or fluorinated chemistry are indispensable. They are used not only in pharmaceutical but also in cosmetic applications.

Arkema showcases at the CPhI 2014 trade show, the world's leading pharmaceutical event, in Paris - Villepinte from October 7 to 9, its whole range of pharmaceutical and chemical industry intermediates:

Hydrazine hydrate and its derivatives used as intermediates in the synthesis of active ingredients for the production of various medecines,
Amines (Hüning base ethylamines, isopropylamines and other custom manufactured specialty amines) used as reactants, intermediates, extraction solvents, acid scavengers and neutralizing agents in the synthesis of active ingredients.
Oxygenated solvents derived from acetone mainly used as intermediates for pharmaceutical and agrochemical industries. Some of them can be used for formulation in emulsifiable concentrates allowing to prepare clear and stable emulsions.
Thiochemical derivatives, including:
. DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide) widely used as a reaction solvent in pharmaceutical synthesis and as a cleaning agent,
. The sulfonyl range including methane sulfonic acid particularly well suited to API preparation in its anhydrous form, and as an acid catalyst in its aqueous form,
. The methane sulfonyl chloride as a synthesis intermediate,
. The thioacetic acid as a synthesis intermediate for the preparation of thioacetate and mercaptans of high purity.
The Fluorinated Specialties range including catalysts like BF3 (Boron Trifluoride), high purity HCl (Anhydrous Hydrogen Chloride) and other Fluorochemicals used as intermediates for Pharmaceutical & Agrochemical industries
And the activated carbons range from CECA for the purification, decolorization and filtration of Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (API) and intermediates. Marketed under the trade names Acticarbone® and Anticromos®, these products are renowned worldwide for its exceptionally constant top-rate performance and high purity level.


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