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Top Five Reasons to Use Agfa Graphics' New Duratex EcoDisplay Board Media

Everybody knows that it's hip and cool (and the right thing to do) to care for the environment. We recycle cans and newspapers and plastic bottles - it's become a reflex for most people. Print Service Providers (PSPs) have even brought many eco-friendly processes into their production workflows, making better products for their customers who want to provide "green" products and services to their clients.

Wait. You don't often make your eco-friendliness a selling point? Well, it is our humble belief that you should. To help you along, here are the top five reasons why you should use the new Duratex EcoDisplay Board media while positioning you and your customers as environmentally responsible.

One: Duratex EcoDisplay Board is made from wood, water and starch, 30% of which comes from post-industrial waste.

Two: Duratex EcoDisplay Board is 1/3 lighter than comparable media such as styrene, making shipping easier and resulting is less fossil fuel burned.

Three: It's not made with any harsh chemicals, so Duratex EcoDisplay Board is safer and better for the environment (and if the dog eats it, well, it's still not good for the dog, but it's not that bad).

Four: Duratex EcoDisplay Board easily fits into standard paper recycling programs so you don't have to adjust your current recycling workflow.

Five: It's 1/3 the cost of comparable media, so Duratex EcoDisplay Board is not only good for the environment, it's also good for the bottom line, giving PSPs the opportunity to offer green products at competitive pricing.

"Duratex EcoDisplay Board helps PSPs flex their green muscles with their customers while at the same time being gentle on the environment," said Deborah Hutcheson, Director of Marketing, Agfa Graphics. "Laminated with a bright white printing finish, Duratex EcoDisplay Board is a rigid media ideal for POP, retail displays, short-term outdoor signage and more. It is compatible with UV inkjet, offset and screen printers."



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