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adphos reduces carbon footprint at print companies

Over 1,000,000 tons / year CO2, which is over 200,000 vehicles, of CO2 has been reduced through the use of adphos equipment.

The process of drying and curing of inks and coatings is the highest consumer of energy in flexo and gravure printing processes. Typically fossil fuel based hot air driers require large space, resulting in long drying times and large energy consumption. Additionally, high thermals stresses to the substrates are generated as well as enormous amounts of CO2 - greenhouse gases - are emitted.
On October 23rd, 2020 at 12.45 pm (EST) Dr. Kai K. O. Bär will be presenting his lecture at the AIMCAL R2R Virtual Conference Gravure Track (organized in cooperation with GGA Gravure Association of America) “NIR drying reducing energy needed and reducing CO2-output”.
In Dr. Bär’s presentation, a brief introduction of the physical working principles of aNIR technology and a competitive evaluation of today’s conventional hot driers will be outlined. Furthermore, several real case quantitative analyses and comparisons will be presented.
In addition to the energy savings - proven by a factor of 6X, the complete electro thermal drying systems do not emit any CO2 gases which results in a significant overall reduction in CO2 emission into the earth’s atmosphere.
In 2019, installed and operating aNIR-drying/curing systems have reduced the CO2 emissions of 1,000,000 tons, which is over 200,000 vehicles, compared to alternative production with fossil fuel powered hot air systems!
The adphos Team can evaluate your actual processes to upgrade/modify and improve your printing/coating lines.



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