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GrassGreen: New shipping packaging made from grass cardboard

Those who want to switch to environmentally friendly shipping packaging now have a new alternative: with GrassGreen!® shipping packaging, the company Pohl-Scandia is launching a new product series made of grass fibres. "With our new brand GrassGreen!®, we offer industry and trade a particularly innovative, environmentally friendly and quickly available shipping system for standards, but also for custom-made products," explains Jürgen Müller, sales manager at the specialised manufacturer of shipping packaging. This is in response to the growing consumer demand for environmentally friendly shipping.

65% of consumers demand environmental protection

"Brand manufacturers and companies can use the look and feel of the packaging to communicate directly that they are visibly acting responsibly and sustainably", Jürgen Müller emphasises the image effect of the new packaging concept. More and more consumers expect sustainable shipping packaging. According to the current Statista study "Sustainable Consumption 2021", sustainability is a reason for behavioural change for more than half (56%) of those surveyed, and environmental protection is important for more than 65%. According to another survey by Simon-Kucher & Partners from March 2021, a total of 73% of respondents in Germany placed value on sustainable packaging. This consumer demand will also increasingly play a role in online retail - the share of sustainable and recyclable packaging solutions will rise.

Easy change, fast availability

The shipping cartons and shipping envelopes with grass fibre are easy to process and very printable. The grass fibres, produced in the form of pellets, come from the specialised company Creapaper, which sources grass material exclusively from agriculturally unused areas or compensation areas. Unlike wood-based paper, the production of grass paper requires only mechanical steps and no chemical treatment. The material has up to 40% grass content, the remaining part is made of waste paper. The packaging is 100% recyclable and compostable. The properties of the grass material can be compared to other recycled cardboard - the packaging, envelopes and shipping boxes continue to protect well and are therefore ideal for postal and parcel shipping. All packaging offers rational, secure self-adhesion, good product protection and a convenient tear-open aid. The new product range is extensive and fast delivery is guaranteed.

Less CO2 emissions

The new packaging material is also a showcase project in terms of production, or rather CO2 emissions and efficiency: the grass fibre is produced purely mechanically without chemical processing, causes significantly less CO2 emissions, requires hardly any water and only little energy: according to raw material manufacturer Creapaper, the savings values are enormous compared to fresh fibre pulp made of wood:

0 % chemistry*

99% water savings*

97% energy saving*

95 % CO2 saving*

*compared to virgin fibre pulp made from wood

The use of raw materials in production is gratifyingly efficient: 1.2 tonnes of grass become 1 tonne of pulp. These are top marks compared to conventional virgin fibre pulp, as 1 tonne of pulp requires 2.3 tonnes of wood.


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