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A-SUB newly launched DTF Products on December 15th

As a giant in the heat transfer printing manufacturer, A-sub's heat sublimation technology has always been well received. For the sake of customers and to provide more choices for everyone, A-sub has recently launched a series of DTF products, including DTF transfer film, DTF ink, and printing equipment. It not only guarantees quality, but also provides customers with one-stop service.

What’s the DTF Printing?
DTF Printing uses DTF transfer film as the medium material. The pattern printed on the DTF transfer film is transferred to the clothes through the hot-melt powder .
Performance testing of A-sub DTF products
A-SUB® R&D department has conducted a lot of professional tests on the various properties of DTF, including the saturation of the transfer pattern, whether there is anti-oil and so on. After testing, it is not difficult to find that when the A-sub DTF transfer film and ink are used together, the saturation of the transferred pattern is higher than that of other DTF transfer films on the market.
A-sub also tries to avoid the problem of anti-oil in the pattern transferred by DTF on the market. A-sub R & D department said that some brands of DTF transfer film anti-oil is because the chemical substance of the ink has not completely evaporated during the transfer process. After a period of time, it can generally recover freely. Alternatively, increasing the temperature during transfer can avoid this problem.
Differences between DTF and DTG
The pattern saturation transferred by DTF is comparable to that of DTG. At the same time, compared with DTG, the price of DTF is lower, and it is also easy to convert traditional inkjet printers into DTF printers. You can enjoy the convenience and efficiency of DTF printing technology without spending a lot of money, and the volume and weight are small. Smaller than the DTG textile direct injection machine, it is suitable for the customized industry that needs to produce a small amount of variety, and it is also very suitable for small enterprises.
DTF also solves the limitation of DTG printing materials. DTF can be applied to a wide range of materials, including various dark and light colored canvas, cotton T, sweatshirts, denim, nylon and other textile materials, which can be transferred to provide customized product printing. Therefore, the use of DTF for digital printing not only allows more space in design, but also more products that can be printed.


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