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ABB invests in new QCS Automation Software Maintenance program to provide new features for pulp and paper mills

• Extension of ABB’s Automation Software Maintenance program specific to pulp and paper industry helps protect Quality Control System (QCS) investment with more proactive management approach
• New subscription levels allow customers to benefit from greater service support and immediate access to the latest QCS software updates between major system upgrades
• Improved QCS lifecycle management helps to futureproof and maximize system performance to manage total cost of ownership

ABB has introduced its new QCS Automation Software Maintenance (ASM) program that not only allows system evolution from older versions to the latest, but also provides continuous improvements between versions through access to regular software updates, therefore helping pulp, paper, packaging and tissue mills to maximize their system investment.
The new QCS ASM means that when maintenance managers upgrade a system, they will not only benefit immediately from a new system but will also have continual access to the latest attributes and releases of the current version of the software. Previously these ongoing, incremental enhancements were not easily accessible, leaving mill managers locked into the ‘status quo’ of the day-of-implementation version of a specific system.
ABB’s newest lifecycle management program therefore removes the complexity and cost of accessing new software releases and features, corrections and enhancements between major system upgrades. This reduces maintenance and support costs through shorter software delivery times and ultimately helps to improve system availability, reliability and performance.
The new program also enables more cost-efficient, proactive system management by offering multiple program levels to align to different customers’ needs. The new Maintain Plus level opens first-time opportunities for customers with the latest version of QCS800xA to access the continuous software updates, new features, cyber security enhancements and patches within their current version whenever they want them. The Maintain & Evolve level caters to mills with classic or heritage QCS800xA systems who need to upgrade between system versions.
Both tiers include access to premium system documentation via myABB, ABB’s customer portal for managing their installed base, where licenses can be viewed and managed. Customers can also stay informed of any system updates through release notes published to ABB Library. Plus, both tiers include updates to any firmware-related devices within the QCS System, such as the Network Platform or Actuator Control Center.
“The biggest differentiator of this enhanced program is the updated and tailored service support it offers customers,” said Carl-Magnus Tjeder, Global Product Manager, Paper Machine Controls, ABB. “This is a major incentive for operators already on our latest version who can now get new features, delivered cost-effectively by service teams rather than project teams, when they want them.”
QCS ASM is designed for customer maintenance managers, production managers and system engineers in all markets who want to future proof their mill and stay current.



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