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High-performance ejector rubber ensures best running performance - marbaject from Marbach

Last year, the globally operating diemaker Marbach introduced marbaject, its new high- performance rubber for corrugated board cutting-dies. In recent months, more and more customers have switched their cutting-dies to this special rubbering, because they are convinced of its advantages.

Ralf Nuyken, industry manager at Marbach: "The rubbering has an enormous influence on the running behavior of a die-cutting machine during packaging production. Therefore, the selection of the appropriate rubber is absolutely essential."
A cutting-die is normally equipped with different types of rubber. The choice of rubber always depends on the point of use in the tool. This means that a single tool requires several rubbers with different properties. These must be perfectly matched to each other to ensure optimum functioning.
Nuyken: "marbaject was designed exactly for this application. Our customers who use tools with marbaject benefit from the many advantages it offers. The high rebound elasticity ensures optimum ejector function, while the high abrasion and wear resistance mean long service life. Another advantage of marbaject: it has good adhesive properties, but can also be removed again if necessary without leaving any residue. But that's still not everything: marbaject is ISEGA-certified and therefore suitable for use in the food sector. In short, marbaject ensures high performance and greater efficiency in packaging production."
The new marbaject rubber is available in shore hardnesses 20, 35, 40, 45 and 55. Color coding ensures easy handling during maintenance or repair.



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