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Screen Truepress JetSX Delivers Added Value Through On-Demand Variable Data Printing

The Screen Truepress JetSX has garnered serious industry attention because of its outstanding print quality using water-based pigment inks, use of standard offset printing paper, and duplex and variable printing capabilities. This 29-inch digital printing system's advanced capabilities give printing companies versatile tools to produce true-to-life photographic images and crisp text.

The Truepress JetSX is an excellent system for printing photo-dominant books and other publications, as well as posters, calendars, folders and book covers. Print buyers in various business segments can use highly personalized and sophisticated marketing materials, direct mail, customized gifts and promotional packaging to communicate with their customers.

Employing water-based pigment inks and Screen's FM screening, the press produces fine detail and very smooth gradations. It features a minimum droplet size of 2 picoliters and can output at 1,440 x 1,440 dpi with a maximum sheet size of 20.8 x 29.1 inches. The top speed of 1,620 simplex sheets per hour (810 sheets per hour in the duplex mode) is the equivalent of 108 U.S. letter-size pages per minute or 13 eight-page sections per minute.

The range of choice in paper stock is enormous. The Truepress JetSX prints directly onto gloss, matte and wood-free offset paper, among others. The flexibility of the Truepress JetSX is further enhanced through a paper handling system based on traditional offset press technology. The precision vacuum flatbed paper transport mechanism produces perfect print because the ink is always jetted from the optimum vertical position. This enables the Truepress JetSX to accommodate paper package materials, coated board and cardboard up to 24 points in the simplex mode and 16 points in the duplex mode.

The ability to print on prescored and creased packaging board means commercial print houses can branch out into folded cartons, print-on-demand packaging and personalized wrapping paper. A traceability function utilizing serial numbers or control barcodes offers a variety of added-value applications. This is particularly advantageous in the short-run commercial packaging field for machine parts, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment or other products.

Print shops can change paper types and sizes easily. The Truepress JetSX incorporates a linear motor drive rotary table and high-precision sheet-reversing unit. It offers registration accuracy that rivals traditional offset presses. A touch-panel interface allows the press operator to control all functions from one location.

The Truepress JetSX meets printers' strict environmental standards with its reduced ink consumption, low energy usage and minimal waste features. The Truepress JetSX eliminates intermediate tasks and cuts production consumables, such as plates, platesetters and chemicals. Its automatic registration and reliable color management result in virtually zero makereadies when changing from one paper stock to another.

The Truepress JetSX, combined with the Screen Equios front end and third-party finishing equipment, can be integrated to provide a highly automated, web-to-delivery solution. Files received online can be automatically preflighted, color managed, imposed and placed in the print queue. Once the job is printed, Equios passes the necessary information through to an MIS system for automatic billing if required.




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