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Ricoh Presents Publishing Vision at London Book Fair

Technologies empowering publishers beyond print to be showcased

Ricoh will be exhibiting at the London Book Fair (LBF), demonstrating a number of ways traditional publishers can enhance the value of print using highly creative and dynamic technologies. The event will take place on April 8- 10 at Earls Court, London; Ricoh will be located on stand R505.

"Ricoh's innovative research and development teams have conceived a number of interesting applications and services that we are delighted to be showing off at the London Book Fair," comments Benoit Chatelard, Ricoh's General Manager Solutions. "Many of these solutions will help publishers look at their markets in new ways. They are designed to enhance traditional publishing processes with numerous exciting and compelling services that deliver something extra, beyond print. These examples will engage the imagination of forward-thinking publishers, giving them many ideas about new ways to do business and new services they can offer in the months ahead."

Bridging the Online and Offline Worlds

One such technology is video books –where video screens embedded in a publication link to additional relevant content. On the stand, visitors will be able to see two video-enabled booklets in action. Uses include instructional applications and marketing collateral.

Another powerful interactive print solution that bridges the printed page and the online world is Clickable Paper. It provides immediate one-touch access to multiple online resources such as photos, video/multimedia, web sites, e-commerce portals and social networks. Clickable Paper extends the value of the printed page and delivers far-reaching added value to readers. Business Magazine De Zaak is one publication that has utlilised Clickable Paper to add value to its publications, which will be available for visitors to view.

But it is not just exciting technologies that Ricoh is showcasing to empower publishers to better address today's market realities. Ricoh is also developing solutions that support the demand for information to be provided across a variety of media. To this end, Ricoh has created Open Text Book Portal, an online service that enables organizations such as universities to provide students with access to books in multiple formats including print, Word documents and ebooks.

Custom textbooks

Ricoh will also be demonstrating a Custom Textbook initiative that enables the digital production of highly tailored textbooks. "We have been working with publishers such as Pearson Education to develop high quality books with content designed for specific purposes, such as classroom materials that can be updated frequently," Chatelard states . "We expect this to become a significant growth market, particularly with opportunities such as those presented by university professors that prefer to create their own specific course materials rather than rely on predefined textbooks."

Visitors will be able to learn more about these technologies by viewing a 42-inch touch-screen Electronic Learning Table that will take centre stage on Ricoh's stand. Access to detailed information, documents, examples and videos at the touch of the screen will allow visitors to discover more information on the topics that interest them the most.

There will also be examples presented of Ricoh's book production capabilities with Cruising the Fossil Highway, a children's book printed on a webfed InfoPrint 5000 colour production press; Cult of Porsche: In the Beginning by John Glynn created especially for the show; and the limited edition Eagle Speedster photobook, the latter two printed on a Ricoh ProC901 Graphic Arts Edition digital colour press. Chatelard adds, "The use of a variety of paper grades and special finishes demonstrates the wide range of possibilities achievable using the latest generation of digital production printing solutions. The stand-out print quality of these books demonstrates just how far digital print has come and confirms its essential role in the print production environment that must address the need for shorter, more relevant book runs with faster time to market and less risk of inventory obsolescence."

Visionary panel

Ricoh will also talk about its varied range of book publishing capabilities at a breakfast meeting on Tuesday April 8. The panel event, entitled Transforming Creative Business in a Digital Age – Exploring New Business Models, will be chaired by a leading industry expert and include Ricoh representatives as well as other expert speakers.

Chatelard concludes, "The publishing sector is under enormous pressure from a number of market forces, ranging from short run lengths to the use of alternative media. However, there a many to ways address these challenges while still maintaining the core print element that is critical to the publishing business, and that is what Ricoh will be demonstrating at the London Book Fair. Building on a traditional print platform, interactive layers can be created to add value, promote flexibility, generate tailored content and achieve highly engaging and effective communication. It is an exciting time to be in the publishing business, and we are looking forward to engaging with both publishers and book printers at this important event."



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