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Xeikon Dry Toner Technology offers Comex highest levels of Print Quality across multiple substrates and applications

Comex, a leading printer in Poland for highly processed, technologically advanced self-adhesive labels has invested in a Xeikon 3030 digital label press designed with variable web widths and dry toner technology. The company states the investment strategy is to expand its business through increased production capabilities and continue to provide exceptional customer service in the region and beyond. Founded over 30 years ago as a commercial printer, Comex can now combine its unique and innovative RFID technologies with Xeikon’s latest dry toner technology to produce a broad range of complex multi-layer, peel-off labels and personalised designs for the pharmaceutical, flexible packaging, food, beverage and cosmetics industries as well as mass event tickets with varying levels of security for sporting and cultural events.

Marzena Kostrzewa, Comex Vice President says, “This is our second investment in Xeikon technology. We have had many benefits from our existing Xeikon 330 bought a few years ago. In the last year we have seen a constant rise in the number and variety of orders for jobs. This has led to a requirement to broaden our production portfolio. That is why Comex decided to invest in the proven dry toner technology from Xeikon. We are known throughout Poland as specialists using our advanced and innovative solutions to combine printing with the latest RFID technologies. We had to find the right press to meet our needs and the demand.”
Comex has a variety of customers with different requirements. For example for the wine industry the company needed to take into consideration the raw materials they use to make their products stand out. Kostrzewa continues, “We found Xeikon’s dry toner technology irreplaceable when overprinting on highly absorbent materials. When we recognised the stability, the intensity of colour and the smoothness of overprint achieved we knew we had to have this technology in our portfolio to be able to serve the needs of all of our customers.”
Combining print with other innovative technologies
Comex has an advanced factory floor with a diversity of equipment where they design and produce RFID tags and labels, with among others EPC Gen2, Mifare and NFC standards. These are necessary for the logistic and inventory labels, libraries and special labels, vignettes and electronic seals. Each design is adapted according to the printing technology in order to obtain the best effect. The company is unique in delivering innovative solutions that combine print with the latest technologies such as RFID. With its dedicated in-house department dealing with automatic identification technology, Comex is the only company in Poland to produce RFID labels from scratch. Comex is constantly developing and expanding its range of innovative solutions for its hundreds of clients in Poland and abroad. The company follows the trends and is renowned for creating solutions previously unavailable.
Kostrzewa is keen to emphasise that that the installation of the new Xeikon equipment has already been well received by customers and has already brought many tangible benefits. The solutions offered by the Xeikon 3030 including the software allow not only the printing of the above mentioned highly absorbent structural substrates for customers from the wine industry but also the efficient production of labels using variable databases. Today Comex is able to print any order, hitherto impossible to perform on any other digital machine. Kostrzewa concludes, “Thanks to the Xeikon 3030 digital label press we have achieved a higher level of label production in terms of quality, repeatability and conformance with the ISO Coated profiles. This is very important to us. What is also important is the new Xeikon software has significantly streamlined the preparation and production of complex and personalised jobs and made key time-savings especially when changing the raw materials on the machine. We would also like to highlight the excellent technical preparation and the extremely reliable and fast response from Xeikon’s Polish service team. The professionalism displayed by their staff was a significant factor in our decision to purchase from Xeikon again.”


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