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Constance City Council controls print production with PRISMA from Canon

Time savings for the MediaPrint team, reliable and speedy order processing, a constantly growing demand from offices and departments: The introduction of PRISMAdirect for ordering and order processing in the central print shop has paid off for the city of Constance in several ways. The high print quality of Canon's imagePRESS systems also contributes to the success of the internally controlled print production, as does the efficient preparation of all print templates with PRISMAprepare.

"We used to have to spend almost one working day to allocate the brochures, posters and business cards we produced for the city council offices to the respective cost centres," recalls Manuel Wagner, team leader of MediaPrint at the Constance city council. Moreover, the processes that had evolved were not very structured, because all print jobs from the Constance administration arrived in the printing team's personal letterboxes - and also in the actual central letterbox.
At the same time, the demand for full-colour printing was growing more and more. "Monochrome print production was already on the retreat within the administration and politics at the time, and so we not only had to automate our workflows and print production, but also clearly improve the quality of the output," says Manuel Wagner. So what was needed was an integrated solution with new hardware and appropriate print management software.
"After successfully producing proofs, we initially opted for an imagePRESS C10000VP from Canon and later, due to the high workload, we also opted for an imagePRESS C910," explains Manuel Wagner. With PRISMAdirect, the processes were made much more efficient. Customers were now able to order their products from the web shop based on standard templates instead of sending their PDF print templates to the chronically overcrowded letterboxes of the MediaPrint team.
This integrated solution has enabled the company to make the transition from a pure copy shop, where templates and preprints were primarily produced in monochrome, to a full-service provider of everything from business cards to small-format poster printing with around 4 million colour clicks per year.
The homogeneous solution from Canon brings advantages on many levels. "The web shop based on PRISMAdirect is easy to handle for our colleagues in the offices. The stored cost centres in turn relieve us of the burden of recording costs," says Manuel Wagner. The smoother processes and the high print quality offered by the MediaPrint team with the two imagePRESS systems from Canon have led to a steady increase in demand over the years. As a result, fewer and fewer orders have been placed with external service providers.
The cost-effectiveness of the solution is always the top priority - the high degree of utilisation of PRISMAdirect today is over 90 percent of all incoming orders. The replacement of purely e-mail-based job processing structures all the workflows in the central print shop in line with the requirements of the city council, which relies almost exclusively on full-colour printing: "Our colleagues in the offices know that we produce top-quality brochures and are outsourcing fewer and fewer jobs," says a satisfied Manuel Wagner.



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