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Marrs Printing & Packaging Set To Change Packaging Industry with Packaging Leader Embarks on Business Expansion with MGI Digital Enhancement Technology

Since it was established in 1972, Marrs Printing & Packaging, located in City of Industry, CA, has always been a trailblazer when it comes to investing in new technology. The continual quest to offer the best and most distinctive branding services in the packaging industry led owner and founder Walt Marrs to work with MGI's national US Distributor, Agfa Graphics, and invest in a JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL digital enhancement system.

Award-Winning MGI Digital Enhancement Products
MGI's award winning Digital Spot UV & Hot Foiling technology, the only finishing system to ever win two InterTech Technology Awards (2013/2015) from the Printing Industries of America (PIA), will spearhead Marrs' effort to offer increased brand enhancement options to their clients.

The Advantages of Digital Finishing Technology
Walter Marrs stated, "We have always had traditional embossing, foil stamping and screen printing technologies in-house. However, the MGI JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL system is the first solution that does all three functions on one single piece of equipment. With the new MGI digital system, no screens and no dies are needed. We can apply regular glossy Spot UV, 3D embossed textures and even embossed foil on the same machine in one pass."

MGI Industry Innovation: Variable Data Foiling (VDF)
"We are working with Agfa and MGI to explore a brand new personalization feature that has never been available before in the packaging industry, Variable Data Foiling. This technology can apply box-specific embossed foiling of names, data and graphical embellishment on each piece that we produce. In the past, due to traditional die-making costs, this is something that we would never have even imagined was possible."

MGI Digital Technology Improves Design Creativity
The Marrs business model is to offer solutions that are different in design and function than the competition. Their customer service goal is to enhance the image and products of their customer base with high-end packaging products that command shelf-space attention with noticeably unique branding and customized decorative style.

Marrs said "We've been successful for 43 years because we treat each customer and every project with originality. We try to make the package as memorable as the product itself. To achieve this, we rely on high-end print and finishing technologies to achieve the brand image that our customers are looking for."

The Business Value of Digital Packaging: Growth & Opportunity
Having also recently invested in a new HP 30000 digital press for folding cartons, Marrs sees the digitization of packaging as the next new industry frontier – and a tremendous new growth area for developing new customer relationships & revenue streams.

"We are well equipped with both traditional analogue systems as well as digital technology. The two methods co-exist perfectly in our operation with usage based on customer and job requirements. However, a key competitive advantage of the JETvarnish 3D & iFOIL system is the ability to expand customer options with rapid prototyping and manage short runs profitably. MGI gives us the benefit of diversity and variety to help win new contracts and build customer relationships – especially for projects that require on-demand customization and variable data personalization."

"We use this technology to produce individual samples that become sales tools to win new business. The presentation of different designs and foil colors strengthens our customer relationships by giving clients more options & choices."

A Business Partnership
Kevin Abergel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for MGI USA, thinks that Marrs has the ability and experience to help transform the packaging industry. "Marrs Printing is an elite player in the world of packaging. They represent the visionary future of the marketplace with strong values, high-quality and great customer service. Their commitment to produce completely distinctive products can help companies from boutique specialist firms to much larger global companies. For decades, they have made their mark on the industry by helping their clients develop and distinguish their brands with dramatic new concepts thanks to an intelligent and visionary investment strategy."

"The ability of Marrs to successfully migrate packaging towards digital technologies is a testament to their innovative spirit. They can truly help lead the digital revolution in the packaging industry. We're very proud that our partnership with Agfa and Marrs will create a new standard for innovation in packaging applications."



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