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Connection to the digital world

24/7 Smart Terminals pave the way for even small municipalities to the future
Digitalisation must not be allowed to pass small towns and communities by, while large cities are increasingly becoming smart cities. Even smaller municipalities can become part of the ongoing digital structural change. The Kern 24/7 Smart Terminals open up numerous possibilities for municipalities of all sizes to take a big step towards a digital future.

Behind the terminals is a sophisticated system consisting of automated parcel compartments equipped with sensors in various sizes. One of the main features is the secure and punctual provision of goods and documents - regardless of opening hours or other restrictions.
These functions offer municipal administrations a range of possible applications, such as the uncomplicated and fast collection of ID cards or other documents. And all this in compliance with the highest security standards. When applying for a new passport, for example, the citizen decides to pick up his or her ID document at the issuing terminal. In addition, contact data such as mobile phone numbers or e-mail addresses are recorded in a web-based system. The system automatically generates a booking number and triggers an e-mail or SMS to the applicant.
24/7 Smart Terminals: Contemporary citizen service around the clock
When the Bundesdruckerei ID documents arrive at the Citizens' Office, the employees place them in pairs - in accordance with the four-eyes principle - in the designated compartment at the terminal. They use transponder cards to identify themselves at the terminal. They then scan the barcode and an empty compartment opens. As soon as the compartment is closed, the citizen automatically receives an SMS or e-mail containing a PIN code. The documents are then available in the terminal for seven calendar days.
During collection, the applicant enters the PIN code and is then prompted to read the fingerprint. After successful matching of the data, the compartment in which the document is stored opens. The terminal is video-monitored, for example, to ensure the highest standards of data protection and security. Of course, the functions can also be extended and used for lost property, vehicle documents or other documents. The terminals form a bridge to the digital world. The city of Ludwigsburg already has an ID terminal in use.
Suitable for use in municipalities, businesses, retail stores and for private use
Companies, housing associations or local retailers can also use the strengths of the 24/7 Smart Terminals individually for their own purposes. For example, customers can pick up various goods and products from retailers regardless of opening hours. In Smart Terminals with cooling function, food can be offered around the clock without interrupting the cold chain. Even frozen products can be stored in the terminals.
The delivery of parcels is another possible application of the terminals: delivery services can deliver ordered goods, so the first delivery attempt is guaranteed to work. The innovative software behind this ensures that the parcels reach the right addressee and also guarantees smooth delivery and return of parcels. There are also various possible applications in the tourism sector: For example, the secure transfer of front door keys. This function is particularly suitable for holiday apartments or holiday homes, because it makes it much easier to organise deliveries.
The logistics concept of the Smart Terminals opens up many application possibilities
For Rainer Rindfleisch, Managing Director of Kern GmbH, the terminals are also the right answer to the ecological challenges facing municipalities, companies and individuals today. For example, cities and municipalities could work with so-called hub solutions and have bundled goods delivered to a central location, which would then be brought to the recipients in the cities via bicycle couriers or electric vehicles. The result would be less traffic and thus less CO2 emissions. "The opportunities offered by the 24/7 Smart Terminals are manifold," emphasizes Rindfleisch. The Smart Terminals have already received several innovation prizes and awards.
The right answer to the booming online trade
Citizens and consumers are becoming more and more demanding, shopping around the clock has long since become a matter of course, and online retailing is booming. Smart terminals can satisfy consumer expectations, and cities and municipalities can also benefit from the opportunities and offer their citizens genuine added value.
Characteristic features of all terminals are their simple and intuitive handling and modular design, which makes it possible to configure the system according to the customer's wishes. Behind all variants is a logistics concept that resembles an intelligent parcel depot. The terminals are available in several versions and can be installed both outdoors and in rooms. The award-winning Core Support also guarantees 24/7 service.
Getting to know Kern 24/7 identification terminal:
On 10 + 11 September 2019, the Kern 24/7 Identification Terminal Getting to Know Days will take place at the Kern headquarters in Bensheim. Interested parties are cordially invited to visit the terminals. Information and registration at: www.ausweisterminal.de

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