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Peak performance in format 6 die-cutting technology – Heidelberg unveils new Dymatrix XL 145 CSB with optimum automation and maximum precision

  • Peter Heim, Managing Director at folding carton printer Hepack, hopes to get improvement in efficiency from his two new Dymatrix 145 XL CSB die cutters. The first machine is just in the installation process. New Dyset XL optical feed system delivers feed register accuracy and stable sheet travel at maximum speeds
  • Minimal makeready times thanks to camera adjustment via preset functions and straightforward operation
  • New pneumatic chase ensures fast and reproducible tool changes
  • Tried-and-tested modules from Dymatrix 106 CSB such as chase changer and Prinect Integration
  • Folding carton printer Hepack orders not one but two Dymatrix XL 145 CSB die cutters as part of a large investment package

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Industrial-scale folding carton manufacturers need appropriate die cutters to finish the sheets printed on their highly productive presses. Following numerous discussions about the requirements of customers in this market segment, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (Heidelberg) has now developed the Dymatrix XL 145 CSB - a peak performance die cutter for format 6 applications. Thanks to the new Dyset XL optical feed system, the new pneumatic chase, and further preset modules, the die cutter is systematically geared toward maximum productivity and optimum precision. Available with immediate effect, the preset modules boast tried-and-tested technologies from the Dymatrix 106 CSB high-performance die cutter such as fine adjustment of the die-cutting plate position and format setting at the feeder. The chase changer and the quick-action clamping system for the stripping and blanking stations ensure short makeready times during job changes. A completely redesigned main gear mechanism increases the speed to 9,000 sheets per hour. As with the Dymatrix 106 CSB, the gearing is based on the technology used in presses, with no temperamental worm drives. Prinect integrates the Dymatrix XL 145 CSB into the print shop workflow for maximum overall process efficiency. CSB stands for cutting, stripping, and blanking.

The Dymatrix XL 145 CSB will be available from midway through 2014 and augments the Dymatrix 145 CSB range. It offers outstanding flexibility, supporting grammages of between 80 and 2,000 gsm and processing materials 0.1 to 4 millimeters (0.0039 to 0.16 inches) thick. A sample machine is available for demonstrations at the Print Media Center in Wiesloch-Walldorf.

New Dyset XL optical feed system - feed register accuracy and stable sheet travel at maximum speeds

The Dymatrix XL 145 CSB operates according to the proven, patented moving upper platen principle, which delivers optimum quality even with the minimum number of break points. With the new Dyset XL feed system, each sheet is measured optically by three cameras, and the circumferential and lateral registers are then automatically aligned in the feeder. Sheets can be measured from the top and, optionally, from the bottom. Either the sheet edge, the printing mark or the print image is used for alignment purposes. The benefits of this dynamic alignment are maximum precision with a perfect die-cutting register of plus/minus 0.1 millimeters (0.0039 inches), fast makeready times, and a reduction in paper waste by preventing misaligned sheets.

Thanks to a highly tolerant feeder inlet window, it is also possible to process less accurate piles. Narrow printing marks just 20 millimeters (0.79 inches) wide are sufficient. Like the color and register marks for Prinect Inpress Control, these marks can also be integrated into the print control strip if necessary. The positions of the printing marks can be saved and are easy to call up as preset settings for a repeat job using the machine's touchscreen. This enables motorized camera positioning. The Dyset XL feed system is simple to operate and requires no maintenance, because all components are encapsulated. Remote maintenance is possible using Prinect Remote Service. To sum up, the machine scores highly in terms of productivity and process stability.

This is facilitated by the new pneumatic chase with compressed air, which delivers fast tool changes with excellent repeat accuracy. The chase requires no maintenance and benefits from a long service life. A high level of automation is achieved by the new function for fine adjustment of the die-cutting plate. Here, too, saving preset settings enables repeat jobs to be completed in no time at all. The compact chase changer speeds up the exchange of different cutting dies considerably and extends the die cutter's extensive level of automation further still.

First user - folding carton printer Hepack expects to boost productivity with two Dymatrix XL 145 CSB die cutters

Based in the southern German town of Neuenstein, Hepack Druck + Verpackung GmbH is building a completely new print shop over the coming year to secure future growth and a general improvement in efficiency. "Customers want their jobs at the right time and expect excellent quality at favorable prices," says Managing Director Peter Heim, describing the daily challenges facing a folding carton printer. The comprehensive equipment package includes two new Dymatrix XL 145 CSB die cutters with the Dyset XL feed system. The first will be installed before the end of this year and the second at the end of 2014. The new building is scheduled for completion in fall 2014. "We currently have three Dymatrix die cutters in operation here - two Dymatrix 106 machines and a Dymatrix 142. Once Heidelberg had demonstrated the possibilities of the new Dymatrix 145 XL CSB, it didn't take us long to make our decision. We are familiar with Dymatrix technology, and the new model is an innovative, state-of-the-art machine. Above all, we expect it to be highly accurate, less likely to develop faults, and thus more productive," adds Heim. Typical run lengths at the company are between 30,000 and 40,000 sheets per job on average. Environmental protection is extremely important to Hepack. Prinect will integrate the two new Dymatrix XL 145 die cutters into the print shop workflow, which will mean less paper waste and transparent processes. What's more, the new machines require only half as much power as their predecessors, which will have a positive impact on energy efficiency. "The new die cutters will enable us to be even more successful in meeting our customers' extremely high demands when it comes to quality and end-to-end process control," stresses Heim. His company is investing in two die cutters to ensure high process reliability.

Hepack has gained itself an excellent reputation throughout Europe as an innovative packaging printing specialist for major companies in the food and hygiene industries. Founded in 1981, it now has over 100 employees working in three shifts. The company processes more than 25,000 metric tons of solid board with grammages of up to 600 gsm each year. The pressroom includes a Speedmaster XL 105 six-color press with coating unit, a Speedmaster CD 102-6 with a double coating unit and a printing press in format 6. Hepack systematically ensures a sustainable printing process. For example, absolutely all die-cutting waste is recycled.



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