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Power of MASTERCUT – a true story by TFP Sp. z o.o. (Episode II)

This is a second interview in a series, this time however our customer will reveal completely different face of MASTERCUT, confirming its incredible PRODUCTIVITY combined with highly appreciated ability to work hard without any unpredictable stops – a real WORKHORSE!

This time we will have a pleasure to listen to Mr. Piotr Rachowski, Operation Director of TFP Sp. z o.o.
MASTERCUT in our machine park is a workhorse when it comes to cutting. It is the machine that carries out a huge part of production in our plant; the same applies to the other two machines, both in Dziecmierowo and Babimost.
The features that distinguish MASTERCUT from other die-cutting machines currently available are unprecedented large format, which translates into square meters and the highest productivity calculated in sheets per hour, high reliability and Power Register, thanks to which we do not have to worry about mistakes in production and we maintain the highest speed of order completion.
What convinced you to purchase the MASTERCUT from BOBST?
In addition to the advantages mentioned above, another was the ease of operation with a limited number of operators. Two people to operate the MASTERCUT, or three if it works in line with the printers, is a great benefit. The purchase of two more machines was a natural consequence of our satisfaction with the first purchase.
Is the Power Register system an added value for the investment in our die cutting machine?
Definitely yes. We do a lot of jobs where matching the cutting line to the print is crucial, and without Power Register it would be either impossible, or risky and laborious. Without PR it would be the customer who would point out the problem with fitting - and that's the worst possible scenario.
What configuration gets the most out of MASTERCUT?
It is the configuration with flexo-printers, thanks to which we get packaging printed, cut out and ready for shipment in one pass. If I had to make a decision to buy another one today, I would lean towards this configuration.



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