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Taktiful Software Solutions Unveils Case Study Demonstrating Successful Market-Bearable Pricing Model for Print Embellishment Industry

Innovative AI-powered tool, Taktify, transforms traditional cost-plus models to align with market values, driving profitability and fighting against commoditization.

Taktiful Software Solutions, a future leader in digital print embellishment software technology, is excited to unveil a revealing case study with The Kennickell Group that highlights the ground-breaking capabilities of its AI-powered tool, Taktify. This case study showcases how moving away from traditional cost-plus pricing to a dynamic market-bearable pricing model in digital print embellishments dramatically enhances profitability and customer acceptance in the print industry.
Transition from Guesswork to Precision in Pricing
Initially, The Kennickell Group, like many in the print industry, lacked a standardized method for pricing digital print embellishments. They faced significant delays in calculating costs and were "shooting from the hip" in determining viable prices for these services. The case study illustrates how Taktify has transitioned Kennickell’s digital embellishment sales from an uncertain and time-consuming quote process to a streamlined, accurate pricing system within a short period.
Embracing Market-Bearable Pricing
The adoption of Taktify marked a shift from traditional cost-plus pricing to a strategy focused on what the market can bear, optimizing profit margins and aligning with customer value perception. Initially, Kennickell’s sales team was hesitant to adopt the AI-recommended prices, fearing potential pushback from customers. However, the reaction from the market was overwhelmingly positive, with little to no resistance to the new value-based pricing model, leading to a significant boost in profits and a transformative shift in their sales strategy.
Significant Business Improvements
"The introduction of Taktify revolutionized our pricing strategy from the very first day," said Jana Johnson, Vice President of Administration at The Kennickell Group. "We moved from uncertain, lengthy pricing discussions to immediate, accurate quotes that reflect the true value of our offerings. Our sales team now confidently promotes embellished prints, knowing the prices are backed by sophisticated AI analysis."
Empowering the Print Industry through AI-Driven Insights
Kevin Abergel, President and Founder of Taktiful Software Solutions, commented on the impact of the case study, "This case study is a powerful example of how AI can redefine industry norms and drive significant business results. Taktify’s ability to implement market-bearable pricing strategies demonstrates our commitment to innovative solutions that meet real industry needs."



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