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Vitopel First in Brazil to Purchase EXPERT K5 for Production of AluBond on BOPP

Vitopel based in Brazil has purchased their first metallizer from BOBST; the EXPERT K5 2450mm equipped with AluBond and Hawkeye will begin production in the second half of 2024. Vitopel will be the first company in Brazil to be able to offer AluBond coated BOPP film.

Vitopel chose the EXPERT K5 with AluBond to help meet expectations from the market for more sustainable substrates with high barrier for increased shelf life. The purchase is part of the company’s investment in the ongoing modernization of its manufacturing facilities which will be complete in 2025.
Commenting on the investment Osvaldo Coltri, CEO of Vitopel said "We are reaffirming our strategy of supplying high value-added films by adding the BOBST EXPERT K5 metallizer to our fleet. This spectacular piece of equipment is an expression of Vitopel's commitment to offering high-quality films with distinctive attributes. Vitopel will increase its production by 600 tons per month with this new project. This will not only guarantee agile delivery times for our customers, but will also boost exports to Latin America and North America."
AluBond greatly increases metal adhesion on the most commonly used substrates; metal adhesion values of up to 5N/15mm can be achieved. As well as providing excellent adhesion levels on all substrates, when AluBond is applied to BOPP films it provides enhancement of oxygen (OTR) and water vapour (WVTR) barrier performance. AluBond is also used in the production of high barrier metallized mono-material laminates in response to the market’s demands for sustainable packaging films.
Eduardo Petroni, General Manager of BOBST in Brazil added "Contributing effectively to the development of the packaging industry in Brazil and around the world has been BOBST's commitment since it was founded in 1890 and in Brazil for 50 years. Our presence at Vitopel, a leading company in its sector, is a source of great pride for us. We are fully committed to working over the coming months to deliver not only the technology, but also the training that will enable Vitopel to serve its customers with even greater quality and innovation".
Established in 1985, Vitopel is a leader in the manufacture and supply of BOPP solutions with an impressive global presence. With a wide portfolio of products including metallized, opaque, matte and clear films. Vitopel currently has four production lines at two plants in Brazil. Vitopel’s product lines are geared towards addressing sustainability issues; their BOPP films are thinner resulting in lower material consumption and allowing for a mono-material packaging structure designed for recycling.



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